Strategic Session 1

Heartland’s Evolution of BC


Ken Voiles, Heartland Payment Systems.

Ken Voiles BCI

In 2014 Heartland conducted their annual risk survey. Results of the survey indicated the top two risks as cyber attacks and business continuity. Plans were written and table top exercises conducted for Heartland and all their subsidiaries. This session will share the process that Heartland used in the various disciplines to meet board members expectations.


About Ken Voiles
Ken Voiles, MBCI, ITIL, PMP, senior business continuity analyst for Heartland Payment Systems with more than 30 years of experience.


Managerial Session 1

The State of Enterprise Risk Management


Stephanie Balaouras, Forrester

Stephanie Balaouras

Learn the results from the DRJ and Forrester’s Annual Market Study. Discover fascinating facts about how the industry has evolved over the years. Specific sections include a discussion of how firms organize and manage their enterprise risk management (ERM) programs, what risk domains fall under their ERM program, how BC teams are working with ERM to streamline processes and manage incidents and what ERM technologies risk pros are adopting. The session will also include recommendations and suggestions for improvement.


About Stephanie Balaouras
Stephanie Balaouras is VP research director security and risk at Forrester. Balaouras leads a team of analysts at Forrester who provide research and advisory services.


Technical Session 1

Is People Management Critical in Emergency Situations?


Dan Perrin, Regus
Joe Sullivan, Regus

Dan Perrin Joe Sullivan

Whether you’re dealing with a hurricane, tornado, fire, or flood, the odds are that you’re not going to have many resources available afterwards. Employees won’t have access to email, or power for laptops and phones. In the end, communication is going to be scarce at best – so you better have a plan in place beforehand. Your recovery depends on how you and your teams react to the emergency. Regardless of what your reputation and resources were before the disaster – if you don’t get your operations up and running in a timely manner, your reputation with your customers, employees and suppliers will be impacted. Learn the strategies and planning required to ensure that your company is ready to respond to various situations, regardless if it is a local or regional event.


About Dan Perrin
Dan Perrin is the global solutions director at Regus. Perrin consults with large multinationals on best practices when dealing with human and natural threats in the planning and implementation of programs to recovery from isolated and regional workforce impacts.


About Joe Sullivan
Joe Sullivan is the managing director for the workplace recovery business at Regus. He's led in the development, management and recovery planning for thousands of organizations.


Emergency Response Session 1

We CAN Be Friends. Working with your Auditors to Build Resiliency Across the Organization


Patrick Potter, RSA Archer

Patrick Potter

This session will cover how Business Continuity, IT Disaster Recovery, Crisis and Incident Management management teams can work with Internal Audit to drive organization-wide resiliency, while reducing risks and improving compliance at the same time.

  • How you can leverage Internal Audit to help achieve resiliency objectives, plans and goals
  • How operational risk management (ORM) fits in and some next steps you can take to benefit
  • How to make your compliance requirements easier on you


About Patrick Potter
Patrick Potter is a GRC strategist for the RSA Archer organization, where he helps drive the direction of the business continuity and audit management solutions. Patrick has developed a broad perspective working with analysts, partners and customers spanning such industries as financial services, higher education, manufacturing, high-tech, healthcare, and media and hospitality.


Advanced Session 1

Organizational Resilience: An Integrative Approach to Planning, Response, and Resilience


Keith Frederick, Duke Clinical Research Institute

Keith Frederick BCI

An organizational resilience program allows leaders and staff to rapidly adapt and respond to internal and external dynamic changes – all with minimal impact to the business. In this session, we will examine the relationships, conceptual framework, benefits, and strategy for the design and implementation of a well–planned organizational resilience program.


About Keith Frederick
Keith Frederick, CHEP, CBCP, AFBCI, head of the organizational resilience program, Duke Clinical Research Institute. He has over 25 years of professional emergency management, business continuity, and public safety experience and specializes in the design and implementation of enterprise-wide organizational resilience programs, which address the operational, technical, and human capital requirements across all levels of an organization.


Information Session 1

Post Event Reviews: Demonstrating Business Value through our BC Program


Karthik Vaidyanathan, Microsoft
Steve Woolley, Microsoft

Karthik Vaidyanathan Steve Wolley BCI

This session will describe a brief overview of Microsoft’s CSS organization, significant challenges, how we developed the PER process, and leverage it in identifying gaps and driving corrective actions. This process also enables management to appreciate the real life scenarios where business continuity plans are helping to mitigate customer impact thereby demonstrating program value.


About Karthik Vaidyanathan
Karthik Vaidyanathan, senior risk manager, leads the Microsoft customer service and support (CSS) business continuity program supporting the worlds largest call center network in the world.

About Steve Woolley
Steve Woolley, MBCI, PMP, senior risk manager, Microsoft. Woolley is responsible for ensuring continuity of online services and business operations for Microsoft’s applications services division, which provides leading products and service

Monday, 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.

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