Strategic Session 2

Keeping it Simple: Driving Program Adoption Through Simplification


Barry Morgeson, Charter Communications

Barry Morgeson

This case study will discuss how Charter Communications has redesigned the BCM program to focus on simplicity in planning and preparation and streamlined response requirements. The new program makes the plan creation process easier for the departments creating plans and has driven greater executive support and departmental participation in the overall BCM program and all components therein.


About Barry Morgeson
Barry Morgeson is a business continuity & crisis manager for Charter Communications. He is responsible for the testing, training, and crisis response components of the business continuity program throughout the Enterprise. He brings more than 14 years of business continuity management experience both as a consultant and corporate leader.


Managerial Session 2

Incorporating Operational Risk Into Your Continuity Planning


Chris Roblin, Ohio National Financial Services

Chris Robin

An operational risk framework provides a more thorough understanding of the threats, hazards and risk exposures an organization faces as well as providing a framework to analyze what the potential impact to the organization might be. The five step process fits perfectly into any Continuity program, regardless of industry. This presentation will provide an overview of Operational Risk and how to apply the method. Sample documents for attendees will be provided for use and/or modification to fit your corporations products and specific risk exposures.


About Chris Roblin
Chris Roblin, CRM, is senior business continuity analyst at Ohio National Financial Services with more than twelve years of operational business and IT risk management experience in the financial services industry.


Technical Session 2

Planning an IT DR Test


Melissa Rhodes, Bridgestone Americas

Melissa Rhodes

This presentation will discuss how to plan an IT disaster recovery exercise. The session will begin briefly by describing the process of assessing a new application and how an application assessment helps define the test’s objectives. We will discuss steps taken prior to the exercise in order to plan for technology and resources, what to expect during the exercise and lessons learned. Different technologies and how to plan for these during exercises will be discussed. We will wrap up with how the application/business owners will test the application and sign off that the application was successfully recovered and how to follow up and document after an exercise.


About Melissa Rhodes
Melissa Rhodes is the DR/BC Specialist at Bridgestone Americas. She uses communications skills refined through Toastmasters International to develop and share training and awareness programs in the companies in which she has worked and locally through BCP organizations.


Emergency Session 2

How to Make Social Media Work for You


Emy Dunfee, FirstBank Colorado

Emy Dunfee

As much as we may want to, we cannot personally escape social media and neither can our companies.In this session we will discuss how to add social media review to an Incident Management Team as well as look at how to use social media effectively as BC/CM professionals. Success stories of social media usage will be discussed as well as any roadblock participants may be experiencing in using social media to their advantage.


About Emy Dunfee
Emy Dunfee had more than 8 years of business continuity and incident management experience. Dunfee currently works for FirstBank in Colorado.


Advanced Session 2

EOC Drill, How to Practice an Actual Shift Change and Keep Everyone Engaged


Vikki Dahle, CSAA Insurance Group
Terry Gitlin, CSAA Insurance Group

Vikki Dahle Terry Gitlin

Have you ever struggled with the challenge to do a full scale EOC drill and practice actual shift change and then lost your team’s engagement due to inactivity when they are on the off–shift? Discover a unique way to keep teams involved and engaged by doing the exercise and having the off shift participate in a preparedness fair that had demonstrations of their emergency notification tools, sat phones, recovery trailers, etc. This presentation will show the tools and ideas on how to conduct an EOC drill that practices actual shift changes and how to keep the off shift informed.

About Vikki Dahle
Vikki Dahle is the manager business continuity/security at CSAA Insurance Group where she helped develop their business continuity program. Dahle is currently on the DRJ Editorial Advisory Board and she has served on the Arizona ACP Chapter Board as president and program director. She has over two decades of experience in crisis management, emergency management, disaster recovery, and business continuity.

About Terry Gitlin
Terry Gitlin is the business continuity specialist at CSAA Insurance Group. Gitlin’s emergency management efforts focus on workplace safety, corporate disaster response planning, and annual disaster drills. Additionally, he continues to work with other local, state, and federal representatives as a subject matter expert for the development of the SF Bay Area Regional emergency coordination plan and an earlier revision of the State of California emergency plan as well as public-private partnering.


Information Session 2

Business Continuity Planning – What’s Trending?


Sherri Flynn, RecoveryPlanner Inc.
Monica Goldstein, RecoveryPlanner Inc.

Sherri Flynn Monica Goldstein

Do your Plans reflect new technology strategies, recovery procedures and policies of today? Are you prepared for all aspects of your next big incident – or is your Business Continuity Plan stuck in the past or focused just on meeting a BCP framework? This session is designed to encourage an interactive dialogue and information sharing in order to learn from others in the Business Continuity industry and to discuss how others are handling these new issues.


About Sherri Flynn
Sherri Flynn, CISM, RPX Specialist, MBCP, planner with RecoveryPlanner, Inc. Flynn provides consulting services on business continuity management, plan development and design, incident response program management, plan development and design and vendor management.

About Monica Goldstein
Monica Goldstein is a founder of RecoveryPlanner and from 1995 until mid-2008 Goldstein was part of the CAPS Centers Senior Management Team. Currently, Goldstein’s primary responsibilities as COO of RecoveryPlanner are with managing and overseeing RecoveryPlanner’s day-to-day operations and management but finds time to lead or participate in business continuity planning projects throughout the year.

Monday, 2:45 - 3:45pm

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