Strategic Session 3

Becoming Part of the Information Security Strategy


Ann Pickren, MIR3
Cheryl Carmel, MIR3

Ann Pickren Cheryl Carmel

Identifying and reducing risks and responding to information security incidents are top priorities that pull resources from various areas. Whether your role involves business continuity, disaster recovery or crisis communication, your responsibilities are converging with information security around these challenges. Learn the coordination and collaboration needed among these diverse professionals in order to provide comprehensive risk mitigation and incident response within the information security program.


About Ann Pickren
Ann Pickren is president of MIR3 with more than 20 years experience in business continuity and IT disaster recovery. Pickren is an expert in business continuity/disaster recovery, crisis management and supply chain management.

About Cheryl Carmel
Cheryl Carmel, CISSP, CIPT, is the VP – security at MIR3.


Managerial Session 3

Regulatory Agencies: Friend or Foe of the Banking Industry?


Christopher Duffy, Strategic BCP
Jay Geppert, PlainsCapital Bank
David Underwood, United Bankshare.

Christopher Duffy Jay Geppert David Underwood BCI Logo

Regulatory agencies have shifted from cybersecurity as a subset of IT Examinations and place more importance on it as an integral aspect of risk management. To remain current, BC/DR professionals need to understand the advantages and risks of this emerging discipline. You need to prove knowledge of cloud security so that regulators know your efforts will succeed when challenged. This roundtable discussion includes perspectives from several premier financial institutions. Insights include expanding cloud technology, vendors, and cyber security concerns.


About Christopher Duffy
Christopher Duffy, CISSP, is vice president and VP, CIO - Strategic BCP®.

About Jay Geppert
Jay Geppert is vice president VP, operational risk manager - PlainsCapital Bank.

About David Underwood
David Underwood is vice president of VP, operational risk management at United Bankshares. In addition, he serves on the West Virginia Bankers Association Taskforce for DR.


Technical Session 3

Digitizing Disaster Recovery?


Brandi Boatner, IBM
Joe Starzyk, IBM

Brandi Boatner Joe Starzyk

This session will focus on the relative changes to resiliency in the cognitive era as we look to evaluate and manage risk with trends that influence how people think and act. Explore the possibility of DR professionals designing their own social media command center in leveraging digital access mechanisms for disaster recovery, with the ability to track how the tone of conversation changes – positively or negatively – throughout a crisis and how the message may be tailored toward a specific response to the event.


About Brandi Boatner
Brandi Boatner is the digital experience manager, IBM Global Technology Services – Resiliency Services.

About Joe Starzyk
Joe Starzyk is the senior business development executive and leader in the IBM Academy of Technology, with over three decades of experience in the information technology industry.


Emergency Response Session 3

Minimizing Failures – Communications During Crisis Response


Cynthia Baughman, City of Garland - Water Utilities

Michael Harding

During 2015, the city of Garland experienced deadly floods and a tornado, and a terrorist shooting within a span of eight months. That same year, Garland was also named one of the safest cities and best run cities. Learn how our approach to training and communications contributed to our successful responses, and hear some of our overall lessons learned.


About Cynthia Baughman
Cynthia Baughman has worked for the city of Garland for over 18 years in various roles in IT and water utilities, currently serving as the public works operations technology manager. In addition to her duties in public works, she serves as the logistics section chief on the city’s disaster response team.


Advanced Session 3

Embracing the New Paradigm or Optimizing Legacy Practices?


Tracey Forbes-Rice, Fusion
Andy Witts

Tracey Forbes Rice Andy Witts

Rather than optimizing legacy approaches and traditional thinking, this panel of enterprise BCM thought leaders discuss how to start achieving more continuous management of business risks and impacts. How to start designing and managing plans that prove useful in actual incidents, and how to start conducting simulations that combine multiple plans in real world scenarios. Join this discussion of the new paradigm to manage BCM programs for greater control, better information, and more effective results.

About Tracey Forbes-Rice
Tracey Forbes-Rice, vice president customer engagement at Fusion Risk Management. Forbes-Rice is a recognized industry leader and highly knowledgeable BCM solutions evangelist.

About Andy Witts
Andy Witts is the Global Fusion Administrator for Computer Science Corporation (CSC). He has been in the industry for 11 years and was previously the product manager for CMS at Sungard Availability Services and before that Strohl Systems. CSC’s program is very unique in the respect that it also extends as a service offering of BC/DR services to CSC’s clients. Andy is very experienced in dealing with challenges of rolling out and managing an implementation globally in multiple countries throughout the world.


Information Session 3

Practitioner’s Guide to Organizational Resilience


Brian Zawada, MBCI

Brian Zawada BCI Logo

This presentation will focus on what resilience means to organizations, and how resilience as an outcome is providing businesses all over the world with a new goal to pursue. It is no longer sufficient to plan, respond and recover from incidents, resilience is about how we manage change, how we might anticipate this change and then respond in a way that will enable us to survive the impact from disruptive events as well as take opportunities to thrive in a potentially new and unfamiliar environment. This session will examine the question of how will this new way of thinking impact on us as professionals? Research is underway to examine how our roles are changing and who within the organization will be impacted. What does organizational resilience mean for business continuity practitioners?


About Brian Zawada
Brian Zawada, MBCI, is the director of consulting for Avalution; VP, exec director USA Chapter BCI

Monday, 4:15 - 5:15 p.m.

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