DRJ's Fall World 2017 Testimonial - Marilyn Boatman


Marilyn makes a point to forge lasting connections at each conference she goes to. “I walk away not just with business cards but with friends I continue to reach out to year after year.”

In addition to quality continuing education units (CEUs), Marilyn discovered a community of BC/DR professionals eager to connect and share. “You meet all levels of business continuity professionals with different perspectives and experiences. It’s a great chance to learn what others are doing.” Marilyn notes the special camaraderie among BC/DR professionals: “It’s a community of people who understand there are sensitivities associated with their line of work, so they share the knowledge they can.”

Marilyn Boatman

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DRJ's Fall World 2017 Testimonial - Ron LaPedis


“When I first started going, I was hungry for information. I needed to get my feet wet and learn the industry,” he remembers. “DRJ helped me get up to speed. I also connected with seasoned pros who have served as my mentors over the years.”

Ron notes that DRJ conferences have a welcoming atmosphere for all experience levels. They’re like a professional home for the BC/DR industry. “I really like DRJ because it’s egalitarian. It’s just a great place to be. Their conferences are for anyone interested in business continuity and risk management. You don’t have to be a certified professional to attend.”

Ron has put his storytelling and presentation skills to work at nearly a third of the DRJ conferences he attends. He sees his mission as “paying it backwards.” He explains: “Because I drew upon the DRJ experience when I was younger, my job now is to give back to those who are new today. I’m returning the favor.”

Ron LaPedis

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DRJ's Fall World 2017 Testimonial - Jean Anderson


“Fall World is the premier opportunity to share resiliency expertise, best practices, and the latest knowledge,” explains Jean Anderson, a global BC/DR consultant who once worked for Cisco and eBay. She has attended nearly every DRJ Spring and Fall Worlds for the last 10 years.

“DRJ is the oldest business continuity resource in the U.S.,” says Jean, “but longevity alone doesn’t make it the best. They’ve earned their place at the top of the industry.”

Jean Anderson CBCP CBCA

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