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Oct 25

Government shutdown does not halt growth of data

Posted by: Jarrett F Potts in DRJ Blogs

Tagged in: Government as risk , DR , Data Backups , Data

Jarrett F Potts
During the shutdown, slowdown or whatever you call it, did you stop using your phone, sending emails or going to work? No. For the majority of us, the only thing that actually shut down was our goofy government and wonderful representatives (all of them). The fact is, the rest of the world just kept on working. We did not have a choice.

 Funny thing. This living being that is “big data” kept growing while we continued feeding it with our day-to-day use of electronics. You used Facebook and the bank and everything else. 

 Here’s the real question. Did the IT departments of the banks and Facebook shutdown too? Did all the data protection solutions in play stop working because the government decided not to do its job? Again, the answer is no.

 While the government stopped, the world added petabytes to the infrastructure we protect. It’s important to understand that protecting all of this data is not easy. As a matter of fact, it is impossible.

 I have to admit that the data we create as users may not be important on the grand scale but that data is important to us, the people who create it. What about the small business that sold $50,000 of widgets and needs to invoice, manufacture, fulfill and sell more? All of this data must too be protected. 

 Is your data protected? Is it safe? And, is it available in a disaster?