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Mar 05

How do you count the costs?

Posted by: Ken Simpson in DRJ Blogs

Ken Simpson

Counting the cost is the theme for BC Awareness Week this year. How do you do it?

Do you think there are benefits, or is BC just a cost centre?

Do you have an opinion on the subject?

Then why not share your opinion or your techniques for assessing costs and benefits of business continuity. 

As part of BC Awareness Week we are organising a FlashBlog - where a number of writers all around the world contribute a blog post, on the same topic and published at the same time. A virtual Flashmob!

The topic is "Counting the costs, and benefits, for business continuity" and each article has a subtitle describing the authors perspective. Some examples include;

  • a CFO's perspective (a real one, not a BC consultant's view of what a CFO thinks)
  • a learning discipline perspective
  • a leadership development perspective
  • and of course a number of consultant's perspectives

What we don't have is your perspective, and at the moment we don't have anybody who will be publishing here on the DRJ blog. And that doesn't seem right.

There are a number of good writers who regularly publish here, and no shortage of views, opinions and advice being shared.

So how about joining the FlashBlog mob and sharing your views on how you count the costs?

  1. Go here and sign up (or email me)
    • The list is moderated, so your item won't appear immediately
  2. Write a blog post (no word limits or target) offering your perspective.
  3. Set the post to publish at 11:00 GMT on 18 March 2014
  4. Promote your blog post on Social Media using the hashtags #CountingTheCost and #bcFlashBlog

So what are you waiting are you waiting for, we have too many readers in this discipline and not enough writers. Get writing!