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Mar 22

How the Cloud is Helping Companies Maximize Profit

Posted by: Adnan Raja in DRJ Blogs

Tagged in: Cloud Server

Adnan Raja

The relocation of your company’s technical infrastructure to the cloud may appear to be a frightening one—every aspect of your technology will need to be adjusted to appropriately reflect its new location. However, there is good news: according to a recent article in CIO, more than half of businesses are moving their capabilities to the cloud, and the majority of these companies are noticing increased profit.

One of the core reasons cloud solutions save customers money is because companies no longer need to utilize resources such as manpower (and the salary to fuel this manpower) to keep their infrastructure running. A cloud server will practically run itself, since there is no complex architecture to maintain.

Money that is saved through the use of a cloud server can be turned back around and invested in increasing employee count, raising current wages and promoting an innovative environment.

Did you know that 40 percent of small businesses utilize the cloud for storage purposes? Organizations that have implemented the cloud into their business routine have seen increased efficiency and communication, improved employee mobility, and maximized innovation. Additionally, large corporations and the Federal Government use cloud solutions for collaborative purposes.

If you are considering purchasing a cloud computing solution for your small or large business, it is important to examine your return on investment (ROI) by analyzing the cost of computing power along with other factors.