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Tags >> Boston Marathon
Apr 17

Event Security

Posted by Vicki Thomas in Boston Marathon

Vicki Thomas

The two bombs that exploded during Monday's Boston Marathon have left many people asking "How could this have happened?" and "What could have been done to prevent such attacks?". These thoughts and questions are being heard on the radio, television, websites, and social media - essentially most people are stunned and in shock over the two explosions that killed three people and left countless others injured.

In parellel with these questions of disbelief and shock there is also a large group of people who are not as surprised or shocked. These are people who are involved in event security, event planning, disaster management, and law enforcement. That's right the very planners and organizers of such large events as the Boston Marathon, the Super Bowl, Thanksgiving Day parades - essentially any other outdoor "insecure" event - has thought about, planned for, considered and worried about an attack such as the one that occurred on Monday.