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Aug 07

Recovery based cloud offerings are a shell game!

Posted by Jarrett F Potts in Cloud Servers , Cloud Server , Cloud Security , Cloud Provider , Cloud Hosting , Cloud Computing , Cloud

Jarrett F Potts
Recovery based offerings cost so much more than they tell you.  They only show you the tip of the ICEBERG

 I have seen many a cloud offering to backup and recover your data for as low as $.01 per Gigabyte ($10.24 a TB) per month.  BUT that is only the tip of the iceberg. 

 Backup and recovery is really all about the recovery.  All the fancy backup in the world does not do you any good unless you can recover that data, quickly and easily.

May 17

Simple and Useful Cloud Security Tips

Posted by Adnan Raja in Cloud Security , Cloud Hosting

Adnan Raja

There was once a time when we could leave our doors unlocked without fear of losing our prized possessions, and there was once a time when we could type credit card numbers into our browser without fear of identity theft. Sadly, this is no longer the case; we must take extensive security measures every day, even when using the cloud. 

When analyzing the security of your data, it is important to remember that your information is only as safe as your weakest password. So, if your password for your favorite social networking site is “password123,” it is safe to assume that your other personal information can be easily compromised. Make your passwords impossible to guess, mix them up with a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters and change them on a regular basis.