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Feb 15

Nemo Impact Lingers

Posted by Vicki Thomas in Nemo

Vicki Thomas

It is the winter and in the winter it snows. But sometimes even the most hardened, aren't ready for a massive snowfall. A snowfall that resulted in at least 1o deaths. A snowfall that crippled the east coast of the U.S. and Canada. A snowfall that resulted in traffic and travel bans through-out New England.

Yes, Nemo came fast and hard - and really we weren't ready for it. Here in Ottawa we knew the snow was coming but still people insisted on sticking to their regular routines. This resulted in a high number of traffic accidents and many stories of people getting stuck and losing power. This is not the first time we've had a big dump of snow this season - but it seems that most folks forgot what it was like to drive in such volumes of snow...