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Aug 08

Do you have a TARDIS? A STORServer might just be the next best thing.

Posted by Jarrett F Potts in recovery , disaster recovery testing , disaster recovery plan

Jarrett F Potts

This blog written in honor of the 50th anniversary of Dr. Who and YouTube’s Geek Week.

If you can’t travel back in time, you better know you can recover your data.

Jul 22

Can you recover your data seven years from now?

Posted by Jarrett F Potts in recovery , long term data recovery , archive

Jarrett F Potts

Do you know where your data will be in 7 years?

 Seven years ago, you had a pager or really big phone that did not get email. You watched analog TV and bought CDs and DVDs. Life and technology is quite different nowadays. You have a smartphone, hi-def TV, iTunes and Netflix. Can you imagine what you will have seven years from now?