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Jan 08

Using ISO 27031 to Guide IT Disaster Recovery Alignment with ISO 22301

Posted by Courtney Bowers in ISO 22301 , Disaster Recovery , Business Continuity , Avalution Blogs

Courtney Bowers

By Greg Marbais, Avalution Consulting
Originally posted on Avalution Consulting’s Blog

Many organizations struggle to define the best method to meet business expectations regarding information technology (IT) recovery. ISO 27031 provides guidance to business continuity and IT disaster recovery professionals on how to plan for IT continuity and recovery as part of a more comprehensive business continuity management system (BCMS). The standard helps IT personnel identify the requirements for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and implement strategies to reduce the risk of disruption, as well as recognize, respond to and recover from a disruption to ICT.

Jan 07

Mother Nature Shows Us Once Again Who Is In Charge

Posted by Annie Searle in Advice From A Risk Detective

Annie Searle

Our son was home from The University at Albany for two weeks in December to celebrate the holidays with us.

 Now he's back in school experiencing this kind of weather.

Jan 06

DRJ Spring World Up Close

Posted by Vicki Thomas in DRJ Spring World

Vicki Thomas

Yes, it's true, we're in the third week of January... As usual time is racing along and this means that it won't be long until the best in the industry are meeting at DRJ Spring World in Orlando, Florida. Maybe you've been thinking about attending DRJ Spring World or you just need to give your boss an extra nudge to get the approval - well, this post should help (actually there a lot of posts about DRJ Spring World that will help!).

In this week's post we take a closer look at the break-out tracks offered on Monday and Tuesday and at the Solutions Track offered on Sunday afternoon.

Jan 03

A Look At DRJ Spring World

Posted by Vicki Thomas in DRJ Spring World

Vicki Thomas

Happy New Year! We're only a few days into 2014 but so far it has been a very interesting year - particularly when it comes to the weather.... If you're in Canada or on the East Coast, you're likely bundled up under layers of blankets and are driving rather cautiously. The winter weather hits us every year, and it seems like each year we're all a bit shocked with the volume of snow and the freezer-like temperatures...

So what does this cold weather talk have to do with DRJ Spring World? Well, perhaps spending some time planning what you'll be doing from March 30-April 2 will make the shovelling a bit easier to take... Forget about the cold weather and think about how nice it will be to be networking with colleagues in the warm weather of Orlando, Florida...

Dec 27

Scale up or out?

Posted by Jarrett F Potts in software , preparation , education , dr planning , disaster recovery testing , disaster recovery plan , dedicated server , data protection disaster recovery , data center

Jarrett F Potts
Scale up or out?        

At STORServer, we provide only the best of the best. One thing I’m regularly asked is when is Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) better than CommVault and vice versa? While each has its own advantages, the feature I’m most often questioned about is scaling.

Both products scale well but they do it in different ways. 

Dec 24

Rudolph the red-faced business continuity manager (a Christmas tale – sort of!)

Posted by Andy Osborne in Disaster Recovery , Business Continuity Plans , Business Continuity Management , Business Continuity

Andy Osborne

By Andy Osborne, Consultancy Director at Acumen

Once upon a time there was a senior manager called Rudolph who, on top of his other responsibilities, was put in charge of the business continuity project. Rudolph was a busy chap with a lot on his plate – he didn’t have time for detail. And anyway, disasters never happen do they? Well, only to other people. 

Dec 18

Book review – Becoming Resilient: The Definitive Guide to ISO 22301 Implementation

Posted by Mike McClain, Senior Web Designer & Site Manager in Untagged 

Mike McClain, Senior Web Designer & Site Manager

If you’re interested in business continuity, here’s a new book that might attract your attention: Becoming Resilient: The Definitive Guide to ISO 22301 Implementation. So, if you are looking for some tips on how to implement this standard, here’s a brief overview of my book.  

Main focus of the book

Dec 18

Multi-Site Disaster Response and Coordination Best Practices

Posted by Courtney Bowers in Disaster Response , Disaster Recovery , Business Continuity , Avalution Blogs

Courtney Bowers

By Stacy Gardner, Avalution Consulting
Originally posted on Avalution Consulting’s Blog

Most organizations that have experienced a crisis would likely agree that advance planning is critical to enabling an effective response. When a disaster impacts several sites simultaneously, it makes coordination even more chaotic, so the importance of a defined structure increases. Organizations with multiple facilities or sites, especially those within “at-risk” regions, should take proactive steps to prepare their organization for events that require a widespread and coordinated response. Specifically, these preparedness steps include enabling coordination, communication, and adherence to organizational policies in advance of a disaster to ensure all sites implement appropriate response procedures. This article summarizes best practices that help enable sites to work together and execute common, approved response strategies to minimize impact and reduce confusion.

Dec 12

“Get Rid of Your Car Insurance!” Effectively Convincing the C-Suite of the Importance of Structured Business Continuity

Posted by Fred Rogers in Untagged 

Fred Rogers

Effectively convincing senior management of the need for detailed, programmatic business continuity, even in this day and age, continues to be a major headache for too many BC professionals.  Even in organizations where a dedicated position – or not as good but often sufficient part-time position – has been designated for the purpose, communicating the need for a detailed, rehearsed and constantly improving disaster backup plan is often difficult at best.

So here’s an easy way: tell them to give up their car insurance.

Dec 09

Looking At DRJ Spring World

Posted by Vicki Thomas in DRJ Spring World

Vicki Thomas

On this snowy day (in most parts of Canada and the United States), it is helpful to look forward to spring and warmer less snowy days... In particular, lets take a closer look at DRJ Spring World taking place in Orlando, Florida from March 30-April 2. 

As you likely know, networking is an integral part of business and there is no better place to do it than at DRJ Spring World. Our upcoming conference provides lots of opportunities for you to meet experts in disaster recovery and business continuity and to connect with those who can help you get ahead: