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Volume 28, Issue 1

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Maximize Readiness with the Four T’s Approach

Maximize Readiness with the Four T’s Approach

Jason Zimmerman, MissionMode Vice President Operations and long-time BC/DR veteran will explain the importance of the four T’s approach; Team, Templates, Testing and Tools, and will demonstrate how companies that don’t execute against each of these key priorities will ultimately fail to maximize readiness.

Disaster Recovery Journal: Winter Volume 28, Issue 1

Disaster Recovery Journal: Winter Volume 28, Issue 1

  • Cloud-To-Cloud Resiliency
  • Data Center Risk in Earthquake Country
  • The Usual Suspects
  • 2015 Emergency Notification & Consultant Directories

Active-Active Continuous Cloud

Active-Active Continuous Cloud

Now you can deploy the continuous infrastructure you need with the simplicity you desire with the new global-active device feature of SVOS. For applications that need continuous operations, this feature enables active-active data centers with zero downtime, zero RTOs and no data loss.

Business Resiliency Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

Business Resiliency Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

We can't predict the future but with comprehensive business continuity planning and knowledge we can equip you to be ready and prepared. DRJ Fall World 2015 is focused on giving you the best possible business continuity education and connections that matter.

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Think Globally to be Prepared Locally

Column-3-9-homepageWritten By: Vicki Thomas

“Most disasters that could happen have not happened yet.”

It’s easy for us to detach ourselves from such information… It can be hard (almost impossible) to relate to and understand the impacts of disaster in low and middle-income countries. Yes, we see images on television and the Internet and we read articles about the challenges of rebuilding after cyclones, tsunamis, earthquakes and other disasters - but when you're not there it’s easy to “forget” or to not understand” the reality of the situation.

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