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Volume 27, Issue 3

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July 9, 2013

Are Business Continuity Planning Certifications Moving Forward?

Certifications of one sort or another have been around seemingly forever.  If you are old enough you may remember (some 30 years ago) when there were very few non-institutional IT certifications available.  The certification boom started in the mid 80’s when some of the network operating system providers were trying to establish a base of knowledge competency (or a new revenue stream – depending on your perspective).  At the time, passing some of these certification exams was a joke.  They didn’t prove the competency or skill that they were created to achieve.

Of course most of those certification programs have matured.  They’ve become more challenging – including theoretical as well as practical testing to ensure competency of the individual.  Typically, the rate of change in technology has driven the recertification processes; as new products and technological advancements are revealed, certification qualifications have changed with them.