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Volume 27, Issue 3

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August 13, 2013

Enterprise Cloud Storage Integration: Time to Go with the Flow

It seems that everyone is using cloud storage these days. Even enterprise managers who say they aren’t on the cloud yet probably are—they just don’t know it. So at this point, the question is not whether to use cloud storage, but how best to integrate it into the overarching enterprise infrastructure.

Ideally, this integration will come about through the transformation of internal IT infrastructure from current silo-laden architectures to a diverse hybrid cloud. But that process will not happen overnight, and the technology to produce such a flattened, infinitely scalable data environment is not quite out of the lab yet.

In the meantime, then, what is the enterprise to do? First off, says Widen Enterprises’ Matthew Gonnering, recognize that cloud integration is already taking place on the software level, particularly as the workforce becomes more mobile. Smartphones in particular lack the storage capacity to meet personal needs, let alone professional ones, so many apps come with built-in links to Dropbox, Google Drive and other such services where data can be stored, shared and synced outside the enterprise firewall. Rather than pull up the drawbridge when it comes to external storage, enterprises would be wiser to embrace the trend by working with software developers and cloud providers to devise the proper APIs and other tools needed to keep cloud data safe, secure and available.