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Volume 27, Issue 3

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December 9, 2013

Experiences of a business continuity newcomer…

As a recent graduate now working in a business continuity role within a leading investment firm, I’ve been looking for a good mentor; someone I could shadow; who I could learn from; and who would help me develop to become the best I could be in the business continuity profession. Looking back it’s not been the easiest process. The most notable advice I have received thus far is as follows.

  • "Always look busy."
  • "Always know more than the person in front of you."

My first mentor was a really great bloke who you would undoubtedly grab a beer with any day. He was considered a subject matter expert for BCM but when asked to develop a business continuity policy his words to me were: "Here is my pal's policy - just change the name and we're good". It was after 120 pages of sifting that I realised two things: