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Volume 27, Issue 3

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July 26, 2013

Incident Management: The Importance of Causality Chain

“Business Continuity Planning: Is it an Art or a Science?” That discussion rages on, with as much intensity as the chicken-or-the-egg controversy.  But there is no doubt when it comes to Incident Management – there must be an underlying science for the response to be predictable and effective. One key element of that science is the “Causality Chain”, knowledge which can lead to a predictive response (the selection of appropriate strategies, tactics, actions, or plan to invoke) in any disruptive incident.

An understanding of the Causality Chain should start with an understanding of the organization model.  An organization, in its simplest form, can be represented as a collection of interdependent assets – People, Facilities, Processes, Technology and Supply-Chains – all engaged in delivering products and/or services. This is true in any industry; products and services are an outcome in manufacturing, retail, finance, energy, communications, information, services and everything else – including non-profits and government.