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Volume 27, Issue 3

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July 30, 2013

Software-Defined Everything: A Multitude of Solutions

It seems like barely a week goes by that there isn’t another development in the software-defined data center.

But as the advancements keep piling up, one thing is becoming clear--or less clear when you think about it. As more and more vendors, developers, systems integrators and data operators and providers enter the field, the more muddled it becomes. What once appeared to be a fairly straight-forward, albeit highly technical, means of extending the benefits of hardware virtualization across both localized and distributed infrastructure is quickly becoming a mish-mosh of platforms, architectures and design philosophies that could very well end up destroying the broad universality that the technology was supposed to engender.

In this way, software-defined tech is no different from the many IT evolutions of the past. Yet it is still painful to see another golden opportunity for widespread infrastructure interoperability slip through the data community’s grasp.