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Volume 27, Issue 3

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August 27, 2013

Traditional and Hyperscale: Is There Room in IT for Two Kinds of Data Centers?

The data center is quickly moving toward hyperscale architectures, the result of both advancing technologies and economic forces weighing on the enterprise.

The question, though, is not whether hyperscale deployments will increase in numbers or even come to dominate the IT industry, but will the owned-and-operated data center model simply become too burdensome for the vast majority of organizations?

On the economic front, it’s hard to argue against the hyperscale model. As Google, Facebook, Amazon and others have proven, volume hardware and software deployments can reach the point at which a single buyer becomes a channel in itself—that is, the company consumes in such volumes that it can custom-order its own platforms directly from the chip- and board-level suppliers that cater to the big OEMs. And in the case of Facebook, these designs are starting to trickle into the IT industry at large through initiatives like the Open Compute Project.