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HOUSTON, Texas – The Southeast Texas Regional Advisory Council (SETRAC) and the Texas Department of State Health Services are holding the sixth annual Regional Healthcare Preparedness Coalition (RHPC) Symposium on November 5-7, 2014.  The symposium is an opportunity for a national collaboration to discuss new innovations, sharing best practices in emergency preparedness, response and recovery. 

This year’s symposium brings together world renowned doctors, security experts and first responders to share their experiences and lessons learned from the West Africa Ebola crisis, the London Subway bombings and the Washington state landslide.  Keynote speaker Dr. William A. Fischer from Doctors Without Borders will discuss the current Ebola outbreak and his work in West Africa.

Who:     Emergency managers, first responders, healthcare professionals, law enforcement and military officials from all over the world will be in attendance.  Photo and interview opportunities will be available with symposium organizers, participants and guests speakers including:

·        Darrell Pile, Chief Executive Officer, SETRAC

·        Lori Upton, Regional Director of Emergency Management Operations, SETRAC

·        Dr. William A. Fischer, Doctors Without Borders, West Africa Ebola Crisis

·        Nim Kidd, Chief of Texas Division of Emergency Management

·        Brad Reading, Assistant Chief, Snohomish County Fire District 1, Washington Landslide

·        Chris Hawkswell, London Ambulance Services, London Subway Bombings

What:      2014 RHPC Preparedness Symposium

Response assets on display include: ambulance bus, decontamination facilities, mobile medical units, and military and law enforcement vessels.

When:     Wednesday, November 5, 2014

              8:00 a.m. - noon


Where:    Galveston Island Convention Center

  5600 Seawall Boulevard

  Galveston, TX 77551

On-site media point of contact:  Francisco Sánchez, (281) 831-2289.

Click here for additional information on the 2014 Preparedness Symposium.


ATLANTA – COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS, International Enviroguard, and Nocturnal Product Development announced a joint venture to produce a new hazardous material suit with built-in cooling: one designed to improve the efficiency of health care workers and to protect them from heat-related risks in treating infectious diseases, such as Ebola.

Typically, workers in HAZMAT suits can only spend limited time caring for patients before heat builds up and forces them to change out of their equipment. This often takes place three-to-four times during a normal shift. Without taking time for breaks, workers face dehydration, heat stress, and loss of focus: critical concerns when caring for patients with dangerous diseases.

The HAZMAT suit will be designed to extend the work period of the caregiver dramatically: from 40 minutes to over 4 hours.

"Our next-generation HAZMAT suit will keep health care workers safer as they treat patients," according to Jay Buckalew, President of COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS. "Our cooling gear will ensure that they are more comfortable, more focused, and better able to do their job while reducing cost and hazardous exposure."

Brian Lyons, VP of Sales and Marketing for International Enviroguard, notes the significant advantages that the new HAZMAT suit will offer. "Caregivers can assist more patients for longer periods of time. There's also a cost-savings for hospitals and government agencies, since they will be able to re-use more of their equipment."

The planned garment will pass ASTM 1670/1671 and be certified to EN14126. It will include a temperature sensor with an alarm, provide fixed or mobile cooling, and allow for decontamination, air-drying, and indefinite re-use.

Planning began after the White House invited COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS and International Enviroguard to participate in a round-table discussion on confronting the Ebola concern. COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS will produce the enhanced undergarment cooling vest. International Enviroguard will design and produce the protective garments, and Nocturnal Product Development will coordinate the project and help in the design, production, and clinical testing of the equipment.

Nocturnal Co-Founder Terry Ransbury says, "We are proud to be part of an innovative venture that will help protect health care workers as they assist those in need." To date, the companies have developed a formal partnership, produced system requirements, and plan to begin prototyping soon. Hospitals and government agencies interested in the protective equipment may contact COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS for details.


COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS, LLC is the world's leading provider of cooling garments and systems for physicians, first responders, HAZMAT teams, the military, industrial workers, motorsports, and athletic programs. The company is located outside of Atlanta, Georgia and has been developing and selling personal cooling systems for over 25 years. For more information, please visit www.coolshirt.com.

About International Enviroguard

International Enviroguard, Inc. has been manufacturing and selling personal protective equipment products for more than 20 years. The company is ISO 9001:2000 and CE-certified, allowing products to be accepted and sold globally. International Enviroguard is located in Mesquite, Texas. For more information, please visit www.enviroguardinc.com.

About Nocturnal Product Development

Nocturnal Product Development, LLC designs and develops primarily Class III medical devices. The company is located in the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. For more information, please visit www.nocturnalPD.com.

NEWARK, Calif. – Tegile Systems, the leading provider of flash-driven storage arrays for databases, virtualized server and virtual desktop environments, today announced that Truck Bodies & Equipment International (TBEI) Inc., a leading manufacturer of truck equipment and accessories, has implemented Tegile hybrid arrays to support its critical operations.

TBEI designs and produces high-quality, precision-engineered equipment under five different brands – Crysteel, Rugby, DuraClass, J-Craft, and Ox Bodies – sold through more than 1,000 distributors and retailers and used by professionals including the U.S. military. The company has around 500 employees located in its Lake Crystal, Minnesota headquarters and plants in Alabama, Mississippi, and North Dakota. Mission-critical applications, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, Microsoft SQL Server databases, Microsoft Exchange and a manufacturing control program, required a storage solution that could meet its capacity and performance needs. 

Newly hired IT manager Kurt Weinberg had inherited TBEI’s aging Compellent disk storage system, which was running out of capacity after seven years of service, and he was interested in moving to flash storage. Reseller partner XIOSS highly recommended Tegile Intelligent Flash Arrays, and Weinberg was impressed by the company’s editorial reviews, specs he called “fantastic,” and a cost comparable to Compellent’s for the high performance of flash with the economics of disk storage.

“Tegile delivered on everything that they promised,” said Weinberg. “It’s been a really good experience; We have plenty of room to grow into. When I get my weekly reports, the compression is right as advertised. We have about 3TB of data native, which Tegile is compressing down to 1TB.” 

The migration process smoothed the transition away from disk, toward a flash-centric infrastructure that accelerates ERP, SQL Server, Exchange, and other applications and accommodates Weinberg’s plans for future data growth and additional virtualization. 

“We kept our Dell Compellent up for a week after the migration, then shut it down,” said Weinberg. “Now, it’s out of the rack and out of the building – I’m very happy.”

Tegile’s portfolio of Intelligent Flash Arrays are designed to accelerate a wide variety of enterprise applications – from smaller workloads to mission-critical deployments. They deliver a comprehensive set of data management capabilities while seamlessly supporting different storage media (hard disks, dense flash, high-performance flash) under a single storage operating system. With IntelliFlash, enterprises can deploy all-flash or a mixture of flash and hard disk in a single storage system, and can dial up or down the amount of flash storage needed to meet the specific performance needs of their applications. 

Each array is powered by Tegile’s IntelliFlash™ software architecture, which seamlessly accommodates different storage media and provides advanced data management capabilities for data protection, data reduction and disaster recovery. 

About Tegile Systems
Tegile Systems is pioneering a new generation of intelligent flash arrays that balance performance, capacity, features and price for virtual desktop and database applications. With Tegile’s line of all-flash and hybrid storage arrays, the company is redefining the traditional approach to storage by providing a family of arrays that accelerate business critical enterprise applications and allow customers to significantly consolidate mixed workloads in virtualized environments.
Tegile’s patented IntelliFlash™ technology accelerates performance and enables inline deduplication and compression of data so each array has a usable capacity far greater than its raw capacity. Tegile’s award-winning solutions enable customers to better address the requirements of virtualization, virtual desktop integration and database integration than any other offerings. Featuring both NAS and SAN connectivity, Tegile arrays are easy-to-use, fully redundant and highly scalable. They come complete with built-in snapshot, remote-replication, near-instant recovery, onsite or offsite failover, and VM-aware features. Additional information is available at www.tegile.com. Follow Tegile on Twitter @tegile.
SAN JOSE, Calif. – Skyera Inc., the leader in highest density, all-flash arrays (AFA) that maximize data center efficiency, today introduced its second-generation solid-state array that allows companies to upgrade their legacy storage platform to flash-based storage at the price of traditional spinning disk technology.

Skyera skyHawk FS is purpose-built for high performance and low cost and leverages the most-advanced NAND memory to deliver the highest density, lowest power consumption and flash-optimized software features – all within the industry’s smallest footprint. With 136TB of raw flash in a 1U storage system, the skyHawk FS occupies up to 99 percent less space and consumes as much as 97 percent less power while achieving price points equivalent to traditional enterprise disk storage systems.

“With the increasing volume of data that needs to be stored and analyzed by contemporary enterprise applications, there is an increasing pressure on IT organizations to develop strategies to help them gain the upper hand in effectively and efficiently managing their storage,” said Mark Peters, Senior Analyst at ESG. “Rather than simply deploy more and more traditional equipment into the data center – which uses more power, space, cooling and management – Skyera’s innovative use of flash technology to provide extremes of both capacity and performance can help organizations save on their capital and operational expenditures and positively impact their bottom line.”

Skyera’s unique and groundbreaking approach to flash technology allows enterprises to be smarter about how they satisfy their data demands.  The solution’s small size, weight and power provide measurable OPEX savings while its superior inline hardware-assisted data reduction minimizes storage costs.  Unified SAN and NAS in a single platform provides architecture flexibility. The skyHawk FS is designed to enable high performance and low latency to address a broad range of application workloads, including database, server virtualization and Big Data environments.

skyHawk FS is the densest solution on the market with up to 136TB of raw flash in 1U.  With bandwidth speeds up to 2.4GB/s and up to 400,000 IOPS with microsecond latencies, the skyHawk FS is much faster than disk-based storage solutions.  Skyera’s latest offering supports both iSCSI and NFS protocols and its lightweight design – only 25 pounds – provides unparalleled portability. 

Skyera skyHawk FS incorporates the Skyera Storage Operating System (SeOS), which offers a wide range of capabilities to access, manage and protect data.  The unified all-flash multi-protocol storage solution simplifies storage management infrastructure and minimizes the number of storage systems required, resulting in lower CAPEX and as much as 90%+ reduction in OPEX.  Skyera’s Life Amplification technology extends the projected life of the flash layer by 100 times while proprietary RAID SE technology protects against any flash chip failure within the unit for increased reliability.

“Today’s business conditions demand that enterprises keep their most-important applications running at all times and require that their storage is able to provide the speed and capacity necessary to support these business-critical apps,” said Frankie Roohparvar, CEO of Skyera. “Skyera skyHawk FS has the ability to accelerate even the most-demanding applications while significantly reducing infrastructure costs.  By providing low latency and high transactional throughput, we are able to not only optimize database workloads but also provide dramatically higher performance with fewer bottlenecks for virtualized environments.”

The skyHawk FS is immediately available. For more information or to inquire about purchasing an all-flash array, interested parties can contact an authorized reseller or email sales@skyera.com.

Farmers Insurance and the St. Bernard Project Host Rebuild Event on October 28 and 29 to Help Local Resident Move Back Home Before the Holidays

KEANSBURG, N.J. – The upcoming holiday season presents a series of challenges for thousands of families who are still displaced by Superstorm Sandy. Although two years have passed, many homes are still uninhabitable, and many families continue to move from place to place, often separating their families, just to have a place to sleep.

Farmers Insurance Logo.

Beginning today and continuing for 29 straight hours into tomorrow afternoon, Farmers Insurance and the St. Bernard Project (SBP) will be leading the way home for one more family in Keansburg, N.J. The team will work on the home of Hilton Dantas, completing nearly a weeks' worth of work in only 29 hours. Dantas' home is the 9th home Farmers volunteers have helped complete and the 9th done by SBP in the area.

Since the company's founding 86 years ago, Farmers Insurance has been dedicated to helping the communities in which its employees and agents live and work.  It also believes that helping lead the way back home for families involves three essential elements:  Preparedness, Response and Recovery.  

At its core, Farmers is an organization that believes in smart. It is why the insurer has some of the best trained agents and employees in the industry and why it invests in being prepared as an organization, to deliver for its customers when they are most in need. 

Farmers is also keenly aware that a swift response to a catastrophe will help assure a speedy recovery.  That's why it has teams dedicated to responding quickly and effectively when a disaster occurs.  Its call centers can quickly add staff to ensure customers do not suffer long waits on the phone, while the Mobile Claims Centers are able to quickly establish a front-line presence in areas hit with destruction, providing anyone in the community, customers and non-customers alike, with immediate relief.

And when it comes to recovery, Farmers has always worked one-on-one with customers to ensure families can return home quickly.  Farmers also understands that in addition to individual family recovery, it is important for the community as a whole to recover from a disaster.  That is one reason the Farmers Cares program was developed, to provide assistance to affected communities and to dedicate volunteers and other resources to affect positive change in neighborhoods devastated by natural disasters.

Since May 2013, Farmers Insurance, through its Farmers Cares community program, has been a partner with the St. Bernard Project (SBP) to help families and communities impacted by disasters.  Beginning in Joplin, Mo. in 2013, Farmers and local SBP affiliate, Rebuild Joplin, have partnered to help the town recover from the devastating EF5 tornado that struck the area.  Over the past 17 months, Farmers has provided more than 450 employee and agent volunteers, who have completed more than 16,000 volunteer hours to help rebuild nearly 50 homes.  Additionally, confident that they had garnered some key insights and experience about disaster recovery, Farmers and SBP collaborated to develop the first-of-its-kind Disaster Recovery Playbook which provides key tips and a proven road map that communities can use to recover at an accelerated pace after a local disaster.

Seeing a need in New Jersey and eager to share its local employee and agent talent, its experience in disaster recovery and implementing the insights of the Disaster Recovery Playbook, Farmers again chose to team up with another SBP affiliate, St. Bernard Project New Jersey, earlier this year to help rebuild homes that remain damaged from Superstorm Sandy.  Over the course of the past several months, Farmers volunteers have already helped rebuild more than 100 homes in the Sea Bright area, helping lead the way home for dozens of families in New Jersey.

"Farmers Insurance has a proud heritage of helping families get back home after suffering an unexpected event.  By taking care of customers after they've suffered a loss and helping them put their lives back together, Farmers continues to play a leadership role in helping families and communities recover from devastating events," said Carl Hackling, Head of Exclusive Agent Distribution, East Zone for Farmers Insurance.  "Our work here in New Jersey, in partnership with the St. Bernard Project team, is a continuation of our commitment to the families and communities who need our help."

Farmers believes it has the unique combination of talented people, first-hand experience, technical expertise and a real-world tested recovery playbook to provide the insight and leadership needed to assist communities hard-hit by disasters.

Its work in Joplin, and now in New Jersey, is a clear demonstration of its willingness and ability to help communities ready and willing to recover quickly and effectively following a devastating event.


About Farmers Insurance
Farmers Insurance Group of Companies is a leading U.S. insurer group of automobiles, homes and small businesses and also provides a wide range of other insurance and financial services products. Farmers Insurance is proud to serve more than 10 million households with more than 20 million individual policies across all 50 states through the efforts of over 50,000 exclusive and independent agents and approximately 22,000 employees.

For more information about Farmers, visit its Web site at www.farmers.com or at www.Facebook.com/FarmersInsurance.

RockDove Solutions to Focus on Building Enterprise-Class Business Continuity and Emergency Management Mobile Solutions

HERNDON, Va. – To leverage its widespread adoption and market traction, the In Case of Crisis division of Irving Burton Associates today announced its spin off to form RockDove Solutions. The new company is focused exclusively on serving the fast growing enterprise mobile marketplace for business continuity and emergency preparedness solutions. In Case of Crisis, the award-winning emergency preparedness solution, will serve as RockDove Solutions’ flagship solution with future mobile offerings planned to support the expanding needs of companies to better prepare for the unexpected and foster a safer workplace.

Headquartered in Herndon, Va., and carrying forward its existing leadership, RockDove Solutions’ management will consist of CEO and President Anna Ryan and Chief Operating Officer Christopher Britton, formerly General Manager of the In Case of Crisis division, and Ray Baldwin as Chief Technical Officer.

“As In Case of Crisis has gained significant market momentum addressing the growing demand for mobile solutions to support emergency preparedness in education, government and for-profit corporations, Irving Burton Associates’ investors made the decision to spin-off In Case of Crisis to allow for dedicated focus on their respective core offerings,” said Britton. “RockDove Solutions exemplifies the core In Case of Crisis mission to help people navigate to safety during an emergency, much the same way a rock dove has served humankind for thousands of years conveying important information, particularly during a crisis.”

In Case of Crisis’ unprecedented growth, broad market adoption and recent global distribution partnership with Dude Solutions were significant milestones in driving the formation of RockDove Solutions, which is expanding its mobile offerings beyond emergency preparedness into enterprise business continuity and compliance.

RockDove Solutions is a privately held company. The company expects to grow its institutional client base by more than 500% year over year.


About RockDove Solutions and In Case of Crisis
RockDove Solutions offers enterprise-class business continuity and emergency management mobile solutions. RockDove Solutions’ flagship product In Case of Crisis is an award-winning mobile solution that helps institutions and their safety professionals’ better care for the well-being of their people by offering easy and secure access to institutional-specific emergency procedures and safety guidelines. The fully secure and customizable mobile solution brings organizations’ unique content to life on the Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry Passport and Kindle Fire devices. RockDove Solutions is a privately-held company headquartered in Herndon, Va. For more information visit http://www.rockdovesolutions.com.

Consolidates all hospital data in single, easily-accessible, standards-based repository; ideal for organizations seeking to improve EPR or implement a portal

WOBURN, Mass. – BridgeHead Software, a leader in healthcare data management, today announced BridgeHead HealthStore™, the first Independent Clinical Archive (ICA) for long-term storage, protection and sharing of hospital data. A modular solution built on top of the BridgeHead Healthcare Data Management (HDM) platform, BridgeHead HealthStore enables hospitals to standardize access to key elements of the patient record while simultaneously freeing them from dependence on any single system to locate the information.

Consolidating many of BridgeHead’s existing capabilities behind a single management console, BridgeHead HealthStore offers standards-based integration with any clinical data source (HL7, unstructured files, DICOM and XDS).  It is both application and storage independent and maintains its own meta-data to ensure content is accessible and clinically useful into the future.

With BridgeHead HealthStore, two things are achieved. Firstly, content can be transparently accessed by the originating application but is now prepared for secondary use by future applications, for example health analytics. Secondly, the data in HealthStore is held independent of the storage. This means hospitals can move to a new application without affecting their storage, or move to new storage without impacting their applications. Ideally suited to manage both new data as well as bulk import of historic data, BridgeHead HealthStore comes with BridgeHead’s full suite of implementation, integration and migration services.

BridgeHead HealthStore brings the following benefits to healthcare data management:

     Enables faster clinical decisions and a more complete EPR with more efficient access to all types of data, which improves EPR or portal implementation;

     Simplifies data quality management, especially for data that is unlikely to change again;

     Allows access to patient data even if one or several primary applications are unavailable;

     Frees departmental applications (e.g. PACS) to concentrate their main activity -- managing the department -- not on being a data-warehouse;

     Streamlines non-clinical access to data (e.g. research) without impacting primary data repositories (e.g. PACS);

     Future proofs data access via standards-based architecture for easy connection to other systems in the future, especially those systems wishing to recall data from HealthStore;

     Removes constant migration headaches as new applications only need a meta data update, not the movement of the physical items;

     Provides a framework to home and secure content from applications that are being retired or taken permanently offline;

     Fully audited.

The healthcare market is acknowledging that the Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) is no longer sufficient. What’s needed is an ICA with the broader abilities to consolidate access to and management of all of a hospital’s data. “BridgeHead’s data management pedigree makes it eminently qualified to author a complete healthcare facing archive,” said Tony Cotterill, Chief Product Officer at BridgeHead Software.  “For the past five years, BridgeHead has developed APIs for all healthcare-specific data ingestion methods. Now BridgeHead HealthStore brings together our traditional DICOMStore, FileStore and XDS capabilities into the industry’s first true ICA.”

“With BridgeHead HealthStore functioning as a hospital’s ICA, MEDITECH foresees the possibility to publish its own data for independent access by other applications as well as a repository, which will simplify MEDITECH’s access for things like images and other clinical content, all via standards such as XDS,” said John Valutkevich, Manager of Interoperability Initiatives, MEDITECH.  “Initiatives like this all help MEDITECH present the Electronic Health Record more efficiently for our customers running specialty applications in the community and that is why we value the BridgeHead relationship.”


About BridgeHead Software

With 20 years’ experience in data and storage management, and 12 years in healthcare, BridgeHead Software is trusted by over 1,000 hospitals worldwide. Today, BridgeHead Software helps healthcare facilities overcome challenges stemming from rising data volumes and increasing storage costs while delivering peace of mind around how to storeprotect and share clinical and administrative information.

BridgeHead’s Healthcare Data Management (HDM) solutions are designed to work with any hospital’s chosen applications and storage hardware, regardless of vendor, providing greater choice, flexibility and control over the way data is managed, now and in the future. For more information, visit http://www.bridgeheadsoftware.com or follow on Twitter at @BridgeHeadHDM.

Abletek Shares Startling Findings and Educates Healthcare Providers on Solutions

CROSBY, Texas – Abletek, a leader in unified communications, announced today that the company is sharing a startling fact that has many people questioning the data security practices of hospitals and clinics everywhere. According to privacy researchers at the Ponemon Institute, “Recent numbers show 90% of health care organizations have exposed their patients' data -- or had it stolen -- in 2012 and 2013.” The implications of this research are far-reaching and unsettling for most consumers. However, unified communications and IT security providers, like Abletek, have devised many solutions to help curtail this epidemic. 
	Most attacks are the caused by hackers who want to acquire medical records due to their extreme value. The information in medical records (name, birthdate, addresses, phone numbers, medical history and social security numbers), can be easily used for identity theft, fraudulent medical billing or acquiring prescriptions to resell on the street. Hackers can use the medical information to accomplish just about anything once acquired. This flaw in IT security is not a series of isolated incidents but an incredibly widespread problem now affecting millions of people across the nation. 
	In August, Community Health Systems reported that Chinese hackers had allegedly stolen a staggering 4.5 million patient records in what could be the largest breach of patient data to date. The company is treating the breach as a violation of HIPPA, even though the hackers didn’t gain access to medical records (only names, addresses, birth dates, phone numbers, and Social Security numbers were stolen). The breach happened between April and June this year, and was discovered in July. According to cyber-security firm Mandiant, which helped investigate the breach, the group responsible for the attack is known as “APT 18,” and may have links to the Chinese government. 
	The majority of hospitals and health organizations are using outdated technology on a single network making the job of hacking into networks even easier for criminals. IT security is often a large oversight for healthcare organizations because their objective is to save lives. Unfortunately, lack of internal IT expertise and outdated technology plagues the healthcare industry making it an easy target.
Bill Parker, President of Abletek, commented, “The challenge here is that doctors are inherently more interested in saving lives, instead of upgrading their IT security. This a great thing for society and we believe that’s exactly what doctors should be focused on! The only thing is that IT security must be addressed too. Over the years, we’ve learned exactly what it takes to protect health organizations and we love being a part of the solution to this problem. It’s unfortunate when something like this happens but it brings much needed education to the issues at hand. We consider it our duty to educate our market and provide doctors with the technology tools they need to do their jobs, protect their  patients and spend their time focused on saving lives, instead of firewalls. That’s our job.”

Abletek is not your typical IT & communications company. We are a TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION PROVIDER and we care deeply about helping you maximize your productivity through effective Managed Services (MSP), IT, communications and related business technology solutions, and while a lot of companies may talk about increasing your productivity, Abletek actually delivers. 
ABLETEK will remove the burden of managing your network and communications infrastructures by providing everything needed to  maintain your servers, workstations, laptops, Pocket PCs/PDA/Treo, Switches, Routers, Email, Printers, VoIP, SIP, Digital & Analog Communications systems and more.  Leverage our team of dedicated professionals and proven  technology  management  resources  to:  CONTROL & REDUCE YOUR COSTS. 
For more information on Abletek, call (713) 455.1888 or visit www.abletek.com.

How Closely is Your Organization's BCM Program Aligned to ISO 22301?

The International Consortium for Organizational Resilience (ICOR) is committed to increasing the resilience of organizations in an effort to increasing the resilience of communities world-wide.  As part of this commitment, ICOR has created a process to formally recognize an organization's Self-Declaration of Conformity to ISO 22301.  This process is intended to support and promote eventual third-party certification by providing organizations a tool to improve their Business Continuity Management (BCM) programs and to conform to ISO 22301 requirements.

The ICOR Self-Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) to ISO 22301 is available to organizations of all sizes globally.  It is a process where an organization declares formally that its Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) meets the requirements of ISO 22301:  Societal Security - Business Continuity Management Systems - Requirements.

One element of this process is the development of an ISO 22301 Maturity Model that organizations can use to self-assess the capability and maturity of their Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) using the International Standard ISO 22301 as a reference.  The ISO 22301 Maturity Model excel tool was created using the Virtual BCMM as a reference. 


Determination of an ICOR verified Self-Declaration of Conformity

Determination of meeting the requirements is based on a combination of the following scores and criteria:

  1. Completion and submission of ISO 22301 Maturity Model with a minimum overall score of 2.5 with no single competency area scoring less than 2.0.  3.0 is a perfect score.
  2. Successful completion of Biographical Data and review by ISO 22301 Auditor
  3. Successful completion of BCMS Information and review by ISO 22301 Auditor
  4. Submission of Required Documents or "Proofs" and review by ISO 22301 Auditor

Upon successful completion of the online application (including completion of the ISO 22301 Maturity Model) your application will be evaluated by an ISO 22301 Lead Auditor with credentials earned from ICOR, BSI, or PECB.  Estimated time for evaluation is less than 30 days.  

If your application is verified, your organization's self-declaration of conformity will be listed on the ICOR SDoC webpage.  In addition, your organization will receive a certificate verifying your self-declaration and may use the ISO 22301 SDoC "mark" as evidence of the ICOR verification.  Verification is valid for 3 years.


Link here for more information  

Email all questions to ISO22301@theicor.org.   


ISO 22301 Maturity Model only:  $995.00 USD 

ISO 22301 Application:  $2,495.00 USD (Includes Maturity Model) 


Amalgamated Life's goal is to further enhance its best in class practices and risk management through the comprehensive automation of its life waiver claims and adjudication process

BEDMINSTER, N.J. – FastTrack RTW Services & Solutions, a division of Kamine Technology Group, LLC, announced that Amalgamated Life Insurance Company of White Plains, New York, a leading provider of insurance solutions including group life, disability and medical stop loss, has become the latest Life Waiver Tools client.

Amalgamated Life will look to improve its Best in Class Practices and operational risk management profile by standardizing and automating their life waiver claims administrative tasks and adjudication processes through use of FastTrack's Life Waiver Tools. 

The FastTrack Life Waiver process inputs key restrictions and limitations data from the claimant's medical provider into an advanced Physical Capabilities Form (PCF). The PCF is then compared against a specialized and validated occupational library to identify the claimant's ability to perform his or her own occupation or any occupation, based on the terms of the claimant's policy. Further analyses can be specified based on the claimant's gainful wage, Training, Education and Experience (TE&E) and geographic criteria as underwritten. This next generation automation enhances, standardizes and speeds the waiver of premium adjudication process, while providing comprehensive assessment data to the insurer's benefit specialist to make optimal claim adjudication decisions.

In addition to licensing FastTrack's Life Waiver Tools software, Amalgamated Life will also utilize FastTrack's Claim Administrative Services to perform specific administrative tasks, which will allow their claims personnel to focus on core adjudication decision-making functions.

"At Amalgamated Life, we are continually improving in order to maintain the highest standards of quality in operations and customer service," said Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing John A. Thornton. "By integrating advanced technologies such as FastTrack's Life Waiver Tools, we can streamline and enhance our processes to facilitate optimum outcomes."

Carl Capato, FastTrack's Senior Vice President of Strategic Risk Management Solutions commented, "We are very excited to welcome Amalgamated Life as FastTrack's newest Life Waiver Tools Customer.  We believe there is strong synergy between Amalgamated's risk management goals and our own products and services, which will greatly benefit both parties." Capato went on to say, "With the many significant additions to our Life Waiver Tool client base this year, there  is no doubt that the industry believes the time has come to establish stronger waiver of premium best practices through assistive technology as it significantly enhances the current waiver of premium claim evaluation and adjudication processes."


About Amalgamated Life

Amalgamated Life is a leading provider of comprehensive insurance solutions. Founded in 1943, Amalgamated Life has a long history of serving diverse businesses, unions, and health and welfare funds. In 2014, the company earned its 39thconsecutive "A" (Excellent) Rating from A.M. Best Company.  Amalgamated Life is a member of the Amalgamated Family of Companies which includes: Amalgamated Agency, a property and casualty brokerage; AliCare, a third-party administrator; AliCare Medical Management, a medical care management firm; AliComp, a mainframe outsourcing and Information Technology solutions provider; and AliGraphics,a full-service printing and mailing company. Amalgamated Life Insurance Company is located at 333 Westchester Avenue, White Plains, NY 10604.   For more information, visit:www.amalgamatedlife.com.


About FastTrack RTW Services & Solutions

The FastTrack RTW Services & Solutions Division (FastTrackRTW.com) of Kamine Technology Group, LLC helps the insurance vertical proactively enhance its Return-to-Work and Risk Management programs with a comprehensive suite of tools. The FastTrack tools are utilized by Short/Long Term Disability, Life and Workers Compensation insurance carriers, Self-Insured Employers and TPA providers as integral parts of their Return-to-Work and Risk Management initiatives. FastTrack's goals are to help speed the return of claimants/injured workers to their existing employers, find them new employment opportunities when occupational changes are required and to assist carriers to more effectively adjudicate claims from a Risk Management perspective.

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