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Engineering and field service organizations are integrating Flowfinity data capture and workflow apps with geographic information systems to increase operations efficiency


VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Flowfinity Wireless Inc., a proven provider of enterprise mobile apps, today announced that an increasing number of its customers in engineering and technical field services are successfully integrating Flowfinity with geographic information systems (GIS).

The systems complement each other for organizations that have both mapping and mobile workflow or data collection requirements. While GIS software provides a spatial reference for specific area grids or assets locations, Flowfinity enables the user to collect or look up data about that area or asset, access help or documentation, and follow customizable workflows on mobile devices.

One customer, the City of Cincinnati's Wastewater Collection Division, uses Flowfinity to guide field service technicians through complex jobs, and enables them to connect to maps of assets in their GIS system from Flowfinity apps on their mobile devices.

"We set up workflows in Flowfinity that integrate with ERSI's ArcGIS software, so that we can display specific items on maps that are only relevant to that point in the workflow," said Mike Pittinger, Superintendent, Wastewater Collection Division in Cincinnati. "What set Flowfinity apart was that it gives the business user the power to quickly create apps with deep functionality such as custom workflows and flexible data capture features without any programming."

"We have a number of clients that use GIS software, and have requirements for mobile workflows and data collection in the field," said Larry Wilson, VP of Sales and Marketing, Flowfinity. "Users can take advantage of our intuitive and customizable front end user interface, and because Flowfinity mobile apps are database-driven, remain flexible with back end integration options."

For more information about Flowfinity solutions, visit http://www.flowfinity.com/solutions.

About Flowfinity

Flowfinity provides a proven, fully customizable solution for building enterprise mobile apps without programming. Since 2000, Flowfinity has helped leading companies across industries improve productivity, engage management, and improve business insight through all areas of the organization. By making it easy and fast to mobilize day-to-day business processes on smartphones and tablets, Flowfinity enables mobile teams to access, survey, report, and share information when and where they need to. Top global brands in consumer goods and other industries rely on Flowfinity software as the standard technology for automating critical business processes. For more information, visit http://www.flowfinity.com.

Visual Command Center to help mitigate the impact of risk events

LANSING, Mich. — IDV Solutions, LLC today announced a partnership with the Information Technology Disaster Resource Center (ITDRC) to provide its enterprise risk visualization software, Visual Command Center, for use in ITDRC’s new National Disaster Relief Coordination Center (NDRCC).  This will help ITDRC assess and respond faster to risk events that impact communities across the nation.

ITDRC is a nationwide, non-profit organization that provides emergency communications and technology resources to help communities continue operations and recover from disaster. The team is comprised of technology volunteers from many disciplines who provide no cost Information and Communications Technology (ICT) resources, technical assistance, and public education to help build disaster resilient communities.

The ITDRC Disaster Response Team usually arrives within 24 hours of an event, and remains deployed for 3-6 weeks to facilitate resources for Long Term Recovery. Once the Response Team demobilizes, ongoing support is transitioned to local volunteers, or the Remote Response Team. ITDRC has served areas affected by hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes, wildfires and other large scale disasters.

Enterprise Risk Visualization is an actionable approach to risk management that visualizes risk in the context of operations in order to drive better decision-making.  IDV’s Visual Command Center is enterprise risk visualization software that monitors potential threats and alerts organizations about these threats to their people, assets and operations and provides tools to assess and take action to eliminate or mitigate risk.

IDV began working with the ITDRC earlier this year to help improve their situational awareness capabilities.   Having access to Visual Command Center allows regional directors to continually monitor major weather systems and other significant national events that could require on-site deployment of ITDRC resources.

“IDV has graciously provided us with access to a world class suite of tools and team of subject matter experts, which has completely changed the way we monitor events,” said Joe Hillis, Operations Director of ITDRC.  “With VCC, we have the ability to visualize live data from multiple sources in real time, enabling us to understand the common operating picture and make deployment decisions based on ground truth.  This partnership is huge for us, and we’re honored to have the IDV Solutions team in our corner.”

“We are pleased to be able to partner with an organization like ITDRC that is providing much needed support for communities around the country that are impacted by risk events and natural disasters,” said Mark Morrison, CEO of IDV Solutions. “Our technology will help them identify these events sooner and provide valuable information to mitigate the impact of these disasters on communities so they can recover quicker.”

About IDV Solutions, LLC

IDV Solutions, LLC is the global leader in delivering Enterprise Risk Visualization capabilities through software and services that enable organizations to protect their assets, ensure continuity of operations and optimize performance. Its Visual Command Center software is used in organizational functions such as security, field services, supply chain, and operations. By repeatedly solving key problems for customers in the Global 2000 and government, IDV and its products have earned a reputation for delivering immediate value and building risk resilient organizations. For more information, please visit http://www.idvsolutions.com.

About Information Technology Disaster Resource Center (ITDRC)

The Information Technology Disaster Resource Center, Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity comprised of volunteer IT Professionals who provide technology continuity and recovery assistance to communities affected by disaster. Services are provided at no cost, as a public service of the technology community. To volunteer, sponsor, or learn more about the ITDRC, visit www.itdrc.org or call 817-886-8550.

New Web-Based Solution Arms Broad User Base With the Power of Self-Service Data Discovery and Analysis

New York, NY – Information Builders, a leader in business intelligence (BI) and analytics, information integrity and integration solutions, today announced the general availability of its WebFOCUS InfoDiscovery offering. The web-based data discovery solution empowers analysts and business users to gain deeper insight from all kinds of data and easily communicate the impact of their findings to help guide actions and decisions. InfoDiscovery debuted at Information Builders’ 2014 Summit User Conference in June and has enjoyed a successful beta program with customers across industries in recent months.

A component of Information Builders’ powerful WebFOCUS BI platform, InfoDiscovery enables users to benefit from all of WebFOCUS’ key features – including visualisations, metadata, security, and more – without purchasing additional user seats, making it an economical addition to users’ BI portfolios. Throughout the beta period, Information Builders’ customers have benefited from InfoDiscovery’s flexibility and self-service visual analysis capabilities. The solution aggregates diverse data sets, from personal spreadsheets to big data sources, and visually depicts the information for exploration across different dimensions. This enables organisations to spot hidden patterns and relationships in the raw data that might go undetected in traditional BI reports or dashboards. In addition, InfoDiscovery is customisable by role and skillset, ensuring that business analysts, power users, and mainstream business users have the right tool or app for more insights and informed decision-making across the organisation.

Another InfoDiscovery key feature is the solution’s advanced geographical analysis, made possible by intuitive, compelling maps that blend spatially-related data with external demographic or market information to improve trend detection, locate inventory, and identify fraud, for example. InfoDiscovery includes access to cloud-based Esri Maps, the world’s most advanced mapping service.

InfoDiscovery comes bundled with a high-speed analytics Sandbox, a columnar data store that stores large amounts of data for fast retrieval, aggregation, and calculation – without the need for complex indexing or pre-aggregation of data. Its columnar technology uses memory efficiently, but is not limited to traditional in-memory limitations. As such, InfoDiscovery can deliver near-instant response times for very large data sets.

Numerous organisations that have gleaned value from InfoDiscovery during the early adopter program include American Express, Plex Systems, Food for the Poor, and RainTree Oncology Services.

“RainTree is working to incorporate InfoDiscovery into the RainTree Analytics suite of tools that power OncoExplorer, a cloud-based analytics portal that enables cancer researchers to trace a patient’s complete oncology history, from the time of initial diagnosis to the present day,” explained Scott Skellenger, vice president and chief information officer, RainTree Oncology Services. “RainTree collects patient data from electronic medical records, pharmacy dispense systems, and practice management systems and uses the data to improve identification of clinical patterns across systems and use those patterns to enhance cancer research. The incorporation of InfoDiscovery into RainTree’s BI platform enables the company to improve visual pattern identification across disparate sources and ultimately assist in the fight to improve cancer research efforts and save lives.”

“Since its launch earlier this year, InfoDiscovery has seen significant adoption across industries, a trend which speaks to both the demand for visual analysis in the market as well as the desire for self-service tools that bring the power of data and BI to a wider group of users,” said Gerald Cohen, president and CEO of Information Builders. “Information Builders’ WebFOCUS BI and analytics platform is designed to enable and empower every stakeholder, and as a key component of the platform, InfoDiscovery adopts the same approach. Analysts and less technical users can explore their data with ease, and make better decisions as a result. We will continue to invest in InfoDiscovery capabilities to help our customers take advantage of data discovery as part of their overall business intelligence strategy, without the added expense that other data discovery tools carry.”

About Information Builders

Information Builders helps organisations transform data into business value. Our software solutions for business intelligence and analytics, integration, and data integrity empower people to make smarter decisions, strengthen customer relationships, and drive growth. Our dedication to customer success is unmatched in the industry. That’s why tens of thousands of leading organisations rely on Information Builders to be their trusted partner. Founded in 1975, Information Builders is headquartered in New York, NY, with offices around the world, and remains one of the largest independent, privately held companies in the industry. Visit us at informationbuilders.co.uk, follow us on Twitter at @infobldrsINTL, like us on Facebook, and visit our LinkedIn page.

Zylpha (www.zylpha.com), the UK’s leading legal systems innovator has formalised a partnership with safedrop (www.safedrop.com) for its widely acclaimed secure delivery software. The partnership follows the development of an integration that enables Zylpha’s users to email formatted legal document bundles securely via safedrop.

To ensure compliance and audit best practice, digitally signed delivery and read receipts are then returned to the customer within seconds. Files are encrypted both at rest and en route and remain in Europe at all times to meet European data privacy regulations. In addition, to ensure optimal security, there is also a shredding function for deleting the files after they have been safely received and processed.

Commenting on the partnership safedrop MD Angus Bradley noted, “This integration means that Zylpha’s users can now send a formatted bundle quickly and securely to anyone with just a few clicks. Recipients don’t need an account or any special software, just email. As a result, there is no more printing, CD burning or couriers. Nor is one left wondering whether the files have arrived yet. And from a compliance point of view, the integration meets the highest demands of European regulatory and best practice standards.”

“Such instant email delivery will significantly reduce costs for Zylpha’s users and the savings could run into thousands every week. By formalising our partnership we will be able to work closely on ensuring that this approach benefits as many organisations as possible and ultimately becomes an industry best practice.”

For his part Zylpha CEO Tim Long welcomed Angus Bradley’s comments adding, “Having worked with safedrop on a number of clients we know that this is an excellent system and one that fits well with our secure delivery systems offering. At these times of intense pressure to reduce costs, such technology can have a huge and positive impact both for practices and in-house lawyers. We look forward to working closely with Angus and his team.”

PECB Accredits ICOR's BCM 5000 ISO 22301 Lead Auditor Exam

Anyone who currently holds an ICOR ISO 22301 Lead Auditor Certificate or who passes the exam in the future is eligible to apply to the PECB ISO 22301 Auditor Certification Scheme as a Provisional Auditor, Auditor, or Lead Auditor dependent upon your BCM experience and audit hours.  PECB's certification scheme is ANSI accredited.
To learn more about the PECB ISO 22301 Auditor Certification Scheme visit PECB.

BCM 5000: ISO 22301 Lead Auditor - PS-Prep BCMS Auditor
 BCM 5000: ISO 22301 Lead Auditor - PS-Prep BCMS Auditor is a 5-day instructor led course that prepares internal and 3rd party auditors as well as BCM professionals to audit BCM programs against ISO 22301 - the international standard for Business Continuity Management Systems. 


BCM 5000 provides students with the skills and knowledge to conduct and lead effective business continuity management system audits in accordance with the requirements of ISO 22301:2012, ISO 19011: 2012 and ISO 17022: 2012.  Participants learn how to audit a BCMS, how to write an audit report, how to interpret the requirements of ISO 22301, how to understand the guidance of ISO 22313, and will explore examples of compliance to these requirements for the purpose of audit, program improvement, and self-assessment. 

2014 Course Schedule
September 22-26, 2014       Perth, Australia                    http://riskwest.com.au/training/
September 29-Oct. 3, 2014 Sydney, Australia                  www.jbtglobal.com
October 6-10, 2014             Chicago, IL                           The Summit Executive Center
November 17-21, 2014        Bangalore, India                    Chenthil.kd@ind.tuv.com
December 1-5, 2014           Brisbane,Australia                 www.jbtglobal.com
December 8-12, 2014         San Ramon, CA                    San Ramon Conference Center    

*Go to www.theBCI.org for courses scheduled via BCI global partners. 

Class meets 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Daily

 Register Now! 


Course Description  (Download the Brochure

ISO 22301 Lead Auditor teaches the principles and practices of independent auditing of a BCMS and
guides the student through the audit process using a balance of formal instruction and practical case study activities. The focus of the course content is on the requirements of ISO 22301 and how these requirements are implemented in a Business Continuity Management System. 

BCM 5000 provides students with the skills and knowledge to conduct and lead effective business continuity management system audits in accordance with the requirements of ISO 22301:2012, ISO 19011:2012, and ISO 17022: 2012. 

Attendees will also gain the necessary knowledge to prepare for an external audit, conduct an compliance audit as part of a self-assessment, as well as how to develop a standards-based business continuity program.


Who should attend? Existing Lead Auditors, BC professionals, IS professionals, & Internal Auditors.
The course audience also includes those with auditing experience who are interested in adding
the auditing of BCM Systems to their audit capabilities for conducting internal and/or external audits as well as BCM professionals who wish to add the auditing competence to their skill sets. 


To assist with the understanding of the overall process, the class is constructed around a case study and each activity is applied to the case study as we move through the course and practice applying the requirements of the standards to auditing practices.


Also included in the course are small 'quizzes" taken after each section and an exam review "Jeopardy" game to prepare for the exam. 

Course materials include the following:

  • Student Guide - Over 300 pages of text and pictures (not ppts!) to be used as a future reference 
  • Case study
  • Sample plans and supporting documentation to evaluate the case study against the standards and audit requirements
  • Compliance Scorecard for meeting requirements of ISO 22301 and PS-Prep standards
  • Standards Compliant Templates for all major requirements  

Course Outline and Learning Objectives

Part 1:  Requirements of a Business Continuity Management System & Audit Practices 

Part 2:  Developing Strategies to Mitigate Risk

Part 3:  BCM Program Implementation - the elements of a BCM program and keeping it up to date

Part 4:  Embedding BCM into the Culture of the Organization

Part 5:  Program Improvement, Writing the Audit Report, exam review and exam


As a result of successfully completing BCM 5000, students will demonstrate competence in and an understanding of the following areas:

  1. The key practices of a business continuity program for organizations of all sizes  
  2. The requirements for auditing business continuity programs under ISO 22301 and the PS-Prep standards  
  3. The essential elements of the standards
  4. Practical audit practices and how to write the audit report 

Attendees should have one or more of the following competencies:

  1. Experience in internal and / or 3rd party auditing 
  2. Experience / expertise in business continuity management    
  3. Understanding of standards and standard implementation  

Accreditation and Certification


BCM 5000: ISO 22301 Lead Auditor - PS-Prep BCMS Auditor is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).  ANSI is the only US accreditation body.    

Upon completion of BCM 5000 and passing the exam with a rate of 80% or higher, attendees will earn a certificate as an ISO 22301 Lead Auditor.   


Register NOW!

Course Fee: $2,895.00 USD includes all course materials, breakfast, lunch, and refreshments. 

All course materials are shipped to you upon registration via FedEx.


Questions?  Contact Lynnda Nelson at toll free North America 866-765-8321, +1630-705-0910 or Education@theicor.org

Upgrade your BCMS-Auditor or
BS-25999-1 Lead Auditor Certificate
to an ANSI-Accredited ISO 22301 Leader Auditor Certificate Online!
This elearning course is only for those practitioners who hold the ICOR BCMS-Auditor or the BS-25999-1 Lead Auditor Certificate.
BCM 5050: ISO 22301 Lead Auditor Training

BCM 5050 is an elearning course designed to provide those currently holding certificates as BCMS-Auditors and BS-25999-1 Lead Auditors with the knowledge to conduct ISO 22301 audits. 
As a result of successfully completing this course you will earn the ANSI Accredited ISO 22301 Lead Auditor Certificate.
  • Online exam included in course fee
  • Standards are not included in course materials (cost for both standards is over $300.00.)  
Course Outline:
  • In-depth review of ISO 22301 - Includes references to ISO 22313 - Guidance for 22301
  • Introduction to ISO 19011: 2011 - Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems
  • Introduction to ISO 17022:Conformity assessment - Requirements and recommendations for content of a third-party audit report on management systems
  • Templates for "Standards Compliance"
BCM 5050 is comprised of the following elements:
  1. Voice over Power Point Presentation (approximately 3 hours)
  2. Student Book (pdf download)  
  3. Templates for "Standards Compliance"
  4. Comparison of BS 25999 and ISO 22301 (excel spreadsheet)
  5. Comparison of the following BCM standards in an excel spreadsheet (drives content for the Templates)
    • ASIS SPC.1
    • ASIS BCM 01
    • NFPA 1600: 2010
    • ISO 22301
  6. Moving from BS 25999-2 to ISO 22301 (BSI)
  7. ISO 22301 Assessment Checklist (BSI)
  8. Online exam (approximately 1 hour to complete)  Consists of 10 short answer questions.  Passing is 80% or 80 points. 
Upon successful completion of the online exam, you will receive your updated ANSI Accredited ISO 22301 Lead Auditor Certificate. The course fee includes multiple submissions of the online exam. There is no additional fee to re-take the exam.

Register Now and Begin Today!

Questions?  Contact Lynnda Nelson at 866-765-8321 or Lynnda@theicor.org

MENLO PARK, Calif. — Scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey have developed a new mapping tool, the Pedestrian Evacuation Analyst, for use by researchers and emergency managers to estimate how long it would take for someone to travel on foot out of a tsunami-hazard zone. The GIS software extension, released this week, allows the user to create maps showing travel times out of hazard zones and to determine the number of people that may or may not have enough time to evacuate. The maps take into account the elevation changes and the different types of land cover that a person would encounter along the way.

Maps of travel time can be used by emergency managers and community planners to identify where to focus evacuation training and tsunami education. The tool can also be used to examine the potential benefits of vertical evacuation structures, which are buildings or berms designed to provide a local high ground in low-lying areas of the hazard zone. 

The Pedestrian Evacuation Analyst software can assist communities with tsunami planning by answering questions such as:

  • How long could it take for people to evacuate out of tsunami-hazard zones?
  • Will people have enough time to evacuate before the first tsunami waves arrive?
  • If people don’t have enough time to evacuate, then where could vertical-evacuation refuges provide high ground?
  • How do you compare the benefits of multiple sites for potential vertical-evacuation refuges?

“The tool can be used to provide valuable decision support for tsunami evacuation planning and vertical evacuation siting, which is just in the beginning stages in the U.S. Pacific Northwest,” said Jeanne Jones, USGS geographer who led the development of the software tool.  The tool has enabled USGS researchers to better understand various aspects of community vulnerability to tsunamis, including community comparisons based on evacuation timesvertical-evacuation decision supportthe impact of post-tsunami recovery decisions,and the evacuation challenges posed by different types of tsunami threats.

The software tool can be downloaded online, and the complete users guide, “The pedestrian evacuation analyst—Geographic information systems software for modeling hazard evacuation potential” is also available online.

A graph comparing pedestrian evacuation time estimate for Ocean Shores and Aberdeen, WA
A graph comparing pedestrian evacuation time estimate for Ocean Shores and Aberdeen, WA. (high resolution image)
Landcover map (left) and pedestrian evacuation time estimate map (right) Ocean Shores, WA.
Landcover map (left) and pedestrian evacuation time estimate map (right) Ocean Shores, WA. (high resolution image)

USGS provides science for a changing world. Visit USGS.gov, and follow us on Twitter @USGS and our other social media channels.
Subscribe to our news releases via e-mailRSS or Twitter.

Call centers equip agents with multiple high-performance desktops powered from one PC

Calgary, AB – High-performance workstations are essential to the success of most call centers, but as call centers around the world face continual pressure to reduce costs and improve performance and control costs, traditional computing approaches place are too costly. AMJ Technologies, an IT support company based in Las Vegas, NV, has adopted Userful virtualization software to reduce the cost of its computing infrastructure and improve performance and quality control.

The simplest and most flexible virtual desktop solution, the all-in-one Userful VDI software appliance leverages zero client devices to replace physical PCs, saving an average of 60% of hardware and 90% of electricity costs. From a single Core i7 PC, Userful offers concurrent use of different operating systems including full Microsoft™ Windows desktops and free, integrated desktops such as Chrome-based cloud-client, Linux, signage solutions and desktops delivered through Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). The browser-managed Userful solution takes virtualization beyond the desktop, and can also be used to power interactive touch displays, digital signage and video walls.

AMJ Technologies has been installing Userful Multiplatform in call centers to set up fleets of workstations, and is now able to offer multiple desktop environments for each agent, but at a fraction of prior costs. Andrew Johnson, owner of AMJ Technologies, has been extremely pleased with choosing Userful Multiplatform because of it's of simple set up, affordability and high performance.

"Userful is the only software that does what it can do with very simple installation. The first station I configured was up and running within a half an hour," Johnson said. "Once it's configured you don't have to worry about it -- it just works."

Call centers of any size can take advantage of the Userful Multiplatform solution and its flexibility in order to better equip agents, improve customer service, and reduce overall costs. With Userful Multiplatform, a standard PC server can power multiple desktops along with additional digital displays, such as touch screens and digital signs. All displays can be customized with a choice of operating systems, all managed from a central application.

StorTrends 3500i, Hybrid and/or All-Flash Array, Demonstrates Top-Class Performance During Benchmark Against Well-Known Tier 1 Storage Vendors


NORCROSS, Ga. StorTrends® today announced that an independent lab test and benchmark conducted by StorageReview Enterprise Lab has found its StorTrends 3500i, SSD hybrid and/or full flash storage array, a powerful and easy to deploy hybrid storage platform built for high performance and maximum capacity.  During the benchmark testing, which was conducted against well-known Tier 1 storage vendors, the StorTrends 3500i demonstrated top-of-the-class performance. Listed below is an excerpt of the report for the SQL Server Output Test with 30k Virtual Users.  


As you can see from the charts above, under a full performance load the StorTrends 3500i outperformed the other hybrid vendors in both highest transaction per second (TPS) and lowest latency. This provides customers with the greatest TPS under strenuous load while responding to every IO in the fastest time possible.

"The real magic of the StorTrends 3500i comes from the control it offers to customers," said Brian Beeler, Founder, Publisher and Editor, StorageReview.  "The array supports both SSD caching and tiering, which is somewhat novel in the hybrid space, and a feature called Automatically Tuned Volumes (ATV).  ATV gives users a high-degree of control over what kind of performance an individual volume receives by selecting the storage it sits on, and allowing admins to prioritize (or not) the performance.  StorTrends arrays also include a robust set of enterprise-ready data services and the ability to scale up with additional disk enclosures."

Beeler continued, "While high-performance storage is certainly compelling, where many arrays fall down is on the data services side.  StorTrends has done well to mitigate that concern with the inclusion of a host of enterprise features.  These are highlighted by support for snapshots, thin provisioning, replication, WAN data services and archiving with deduplication.  The system supports RAID 5, 6, 10, 50 and 60 and is managed via an easy to use web-based GUI."

"The StorTrends 3500i was the top-performing array in the majority of the lab tests ran by StorageReview. This is a testament to the SSD caching, SSD tiering, Automated Tuned Volumes and other key technological features within the StorTrends 3500i. With more than 300 patents it's clear to see why StorTrends is a frontrunner in the Hybrid Array Lab Report," said Justin Bagby, Director of StorTrends.  "We are proud of the StorTrends 3500i benchmark results; and delighted that customers now have another undeniable proof point that the StorTrends 3500i's patented features provide the ultimate combination of extreme performance, optimal capacity and ease of use to meet their business application and budgetary requirements."

To read the complete StorageReview Enterprise Lab report on the StorTrends 3500i, please visit: http://www.storagereview.com/ami_stortrends_3500i_hybrid_array_review

Tweet this:  @storagereview benchmark demonstrates StorTrends 3500i powerful and easy-to-use hybrid or full flash storage array http://www.storagereview.com/ami_stortrends_3500i_hybrid_array_review

About StorTrends
StorTrends® from American Megatrends (AMI) isPerformance Storage with Proven Value.  StorTrends SAN and NAS storage appliances are installed worldwide and trusted by companies and institutions in a wide range of industries including education, energy, finance, state and local government, healthcare, manufacturing, marketing, retail, R&D and many more.  StorTrends meets the challenges and demands of today's business environments by offering a wide variety of solutions from all-flash storage, hybrid storage to spinning disk solutions.  StorTrends is backed by 1,100+ customer installations, 100+ storage patents and nearly 30 Years of IT leadership from a company that millions of people trust on a daily basis, American Megatrends, Inc.  For further information, please visit: http://www.stortrends.com.

Technology breakthrough is a game changer for consumers with a data loss from the latest Apple mobile devices

EPSOM – Consumers, who use Apple's newest mobile devices, including iPhones® and iPads®, can now recover data such as lost photos and videos that go missing during malfunctions that impact their operating systems.

Kroll Ontrack, the leading provider of data recovery and ediscovery products and services, today announced its engineers have developed a unique capability to recover data from the latest Apple mobile devices, which exhibit a logical failure leaving the device stuck in "Recovery" mode or "Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU)" mode. These failures can effectively trap encrypted data on the devices. However, Kroll Ontrack has devised a way to temporarily bypass the logical corruption to access the data using the consumer's login information.

This new method increases the chances of recovering encrypted data on the newest iPhones and iPads by up to 60 percent.

"Logical failures, such as OS upgrade malfunctions and corrupt software, can leave iPhone or iPad users with a device that is functional, but data that isn't accessible," said Phil Bridge, Managing Director, Kroll Ontrack. "Add to that Apple's latest generations of mobile devices with encrypted user data and data recovery success was slim because direct access to the encrypted data was not an option."

Building on its long history of delivering the most robust Mac recovery toolset in the industry, Ontrack Data Recovery engineers specifically developed the unique ability to repair the operating system to then access the data for all Apple mobile devices, including the iPhone 5S® and iPad Air®, which are hardware encrypted. This method, combined with an already extensive ability to recover from non-hardware encrypted Apple devices, significantly increases the chances of recovering photos, videos, contacts, SMS, notes, calendar and other critical mobile device content. With a diagnostic report that shows the quality of recoverable files on the Apple device, individuals benefit from knowing exactly what data will be returned to them prior to committing to the cost of the recovery. Once the recovery is complete, Kroll Ontrack provides both the raw files as well as a backup file that the individual can use to perform a full restore from iTunes to their Apple mobile device. This also provides a point in time recovery file for future use.

"Customers were coming to us for help recovering their encrypted data from their newer Apple devices because there are no commercially available solutions. We researched the issues and developed our own solution, as we often do," added Bridge. "Our solution does not defeat or bypass the device's encryption, but rather temporarily bypasses the logical corruption without "jail breaking" the device to access the data using the device and customer's user access credentials."

For more information about Kroll Ontrack's proven recovery capabilities and a full range of data recovery tools for both logical and physical failures, visit www.krollontrack.co.uk/data-recovery.

About Kroll Ontrack Inc. 
Kroll Ontrack provides technology-driven services and software to help legal, corporate and government entities as well as consumers manage, recover, search, analyse, and produce data efficiently and cost-effectively. In addition to its award-winning suite of software, Kroll Ontrack provides data recovery, data destruction, electronic discovery and document review. For more information about Kroll Ontrack and its offerings please visit: www.krollontrack.co.uk, follow @KrollOntrack on Twitter or subscribe to the Kroll Ontrack Data Blog.

Testing completed with CacheAdvance Application Acceleration Software on MongoDB using Toshiba PX02SSF 12G SAS SSD

SAN CARLOS, Calif. — CacheBox, Inc. has announced the addition of Toshiba’s PX02SSF 12G SAS SSD to the company’s Hardware Compatibility List. The PX02SSF joins other enterprise SSDs that CacheBox has qualified for use with CacheAdvance™, CacheBox’s unique application acceleration software that enables significant improvements in application throughput and processing with no disruption to a company’s compute or storage infrastructure. “In a world where application performance and scale means everything, a cost effective solution that deploys and scales users in minutes instead of months is what the industry needs to achieve high return on investment,” said Lorenzo Salhi, CacheBox CEO. “We are pleased that Toshiba’s enterprise class SSDs have been added to our hardware compatibility list. According to George Bouchaya, Vice President and CTO at Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc., “CacheBox’s innovative CacheAdvance software can help customers get the most out of their investment in storage while helping to drive the adoption of SSDs in the enterprise.” CacheBox’s internal testing of CacheAdvance shows significant performance improvements and latency reductions over hard disk storage with MongoDB, and enables customers to realize the most cost effective solution for bridging the application requirements of performance and capacity. CacheAdvance is a software-only, application centric solution that removes application input/output (IO) bottlenecks in a targeted manner. It works by monitoring application IO requests and intelligently determines which data to accelerate to provide optimal performance and user experience.
About CacheBox, Inc. CacheBox is a privately funded, early stage global company with offices in Silicon Valley and Pune, India that is focused on using its advanced application centric architecture to vastly improve application performance. The CacheBox team includes software and storage industry veterans from companies such as sTec and Symantec/Veritas. For more information, visit www.cachebox.com