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WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. -- Iconic Partners,
a strategic marketing firm serving the commercial insurance industry,
has recorded its eleventh month of rapid growth with SafeSoft Solutions,
a leader in cloud-based sales and marketing productivity solutions for
call centers and small to mid-size businesses.

Iconic Partners, of Indianapolis, Indiana, provides lead generation and
appointment setting services for fast-growing independent commercial
insurance agents. Firms tend to turn to Iconic for support when entering
aggressive growth phases, and in need of a steady stream of high-quality
leads to support their ramp-up. Iconic, in turn, relies on SafeSoft
Solutions technology to underpin their efforts.

"In my experience," Iconic's Vice President of Operations, Brett
Jacobson, said, "dialing manually we could reach 25 people per hour
versus 40 to 50 people per hour using SafeSoft. We saw improvements

SafeSoft's technology has enabled Iconic to grow fivefold since
implementation. Now, every time they bring on a new client, they add a
new employee to support the client. "Our productivity level has
dramatically improved. We went from working one campaign at a time to
working five or six campaigns at a time, from multiple locations. The
growth of Iconic is directly related to SafeSoft's abilities to support
what we do," Brett said.

Iconic hires the best-fit telephone agents for their business from
across the country, and allows them to work remotely, monitoring their
performance with SafeSoft's reporting and tracking capabilities, a key
factor in selecting SafeSoft.

Nima Hakimi, CEO of SafeSoft Solutions, congratulated Iconic Partners on
its success, saying, "They are leveraging our cloud-based technology to
its fullest, and delivering outstanding results for their clients.
They've mastered the art of matching leading technology to best
practices in their field."

A detailed case study outlining Iconic's rapid growth is available from
SafeSoft Solution's website
<http://go.safesoftsolutions.com/IconicPartners> or by contacting SafeSoft.

Telephone: 888-456-5454

Email <http://www.ereleases.com/pr/contact?pid=138587>

Internet: http://www.SafeSoftSolutions.com

<http://storserver.com/>®, the leading provider of proven data backup
solutions for the mid-market, announces today a partnership with
Front-safe <http://www.front-safe.dk/english>, a cloud backup enabling
web portal, to deliver secure cloud backup and recovery services to
managed service providers (MSPs) using public, private and hybrid clouds.

STORServer’s new MSP Appliance consists of a STORServer Backup Appliance
installed at the datacenter of a certified MSP partner and Front-safe’s
portal software, which manages and charges incoming customers. The
solution has everything a partner needs to offer data protection as a
service. End users buy the service through STORServer resellers, and the
company then connects the orders to a certified MSP that provides first
level support to the customer. STORServer offers support of Front-safe,
IBM® Tivoli® Storage Manager (TSM), STORServer Console (SSC) and any
necessary hardware to the MSP.

“This software makes it easier than ever for customers to use the cloud
as a viable way to perform backup and recovery,” said Jarrett Potts,
director of strategic marketing for STORServer. “It’s easy to use and
hides all complexities from the end users. All they need to see is the
front-end of the portal, and that’s it.”

Built on IBM TSM, STORServer offers a complete suite of enterprise
backup appliances, software and services that solve today’s backup,
archive and disaster recovery challenges.

Front-safe is the largest provider of public cloud backup services to
businesses in Denmark. The award-winning Front-safe TSM Portal enables
IT service providers to deliver their own IBM TSM infrastructure as a
cloud service both directly to end customers and/or through OEM branded
resellers. At the same time, the Front-safe TSM Portal enables large
enterprises to deliver their IBM TSM infrastructure to remote locations
in a private cloud.**

For more information on the STORServer MSP Appliance, contact
<http://www.storserver.com/contact-me/> an authorized STORServer
reseller or call (800) 550-5121. For more information on the company’s
complete line of data backup solutions, visit http://www.storserver.com.

Larson Electronics announced today the release of the EXP-EMG-EXT-12W-1LX Explosion Proof Emergency Exit Sign designed to provide failsafe operation and continued to safety in the event of unexpected power failures.  This Class 1 Division 1, Class 2 Division 1 & 2 approved exit sign complies with all safety and hazardous location regulations for emergency explosion proof lighting and will run for the standard 90 minutes when its main power source is unexpectedly shut down. 

 The EXP-EMG-EXT-12W-1LX explosion proof emergency exit sign from Larson Electronics features an LED powered exit sign and high performance Nickel-Cadmium battery pack to provide operators with a failsafe lighting solution that ideal for hazardous locations where maximum safety and compliance with exit marking standards is required. This emergency backup power equipped exit sign is designed to act as a standard exit indicator in hazardous locations under normal operating conditions, but if power is interrupted, such as during blackouts or plant wide power failures, the unit automatically switches to an internal battery backup system which provides continued operation for up to 90 minutes. The battery backup system on this explosion proof exit sign includes an internal Nickel-Cadmium with a 7 to 10 year operational life and a built in charging system which maintains the battery at a ready state. The fixture is constructed of copper free aluminum for light weight and high durability and has been powder coated to provide resistance to corrosion. The high visibility exit sign is a three sided design that is illuminated by a single 10 watt LED lamp. This LED light has a 50,000 hour operational life and produces more light than a comparable 100 watt incandescent bulb while using only a tenth as much current. This LED lamp also runs much cooler, and can withstand extremes of temperature and impacts and vibrations that would cause ordinary incandescent and fluorescent lamps to fail. The entire housing is IP67 rated waterproof for resistance to wet conditions and designed to be easily mounted to flat surfaces such as walls. This explosion proof light can run from universal voltages ranging from 110 to 277 VAC, making it extremely versatile and easy to install in a variety of locations. This explosion proof exit sign also meets NFPA101 (Life Safety Code), UL844 and UL924 compliance, and is ideal for hazardous locations where operators require the security of fail safe operation combined with the reliability and effectiveness of LED lighting technology.

“During power outages, this explosion proof led light illuminates the light heads and exit sign for 90 minutes, clearly identifying exit locations to all occupants in case of emergency,” said Robert Bresnahan of Larson Electronics LLC Magnalight.com. “The ability to automatically switch from normal power of 120V to 277V AC to battery back-up in hazardous areas during power outages is a design fit for any hazardous location.”

Larson Electronics produces a full range of industrial and commercial lighting equipment, explosion proof work lights, hazardous locations lights, intrinsically safe lighting, and LED work lights. To view the entire Larson Electronics line of industrial grade lighting solutions, visit them on the web at Larsonelectronics.com. You can also call 1-800-369-6671 to learn more about all of Larson Electronics’ lighting products or call 1-214-616-6180 for international inquires.

WASHINGTON, D.C. --– Rimhub, Inc.
<http://trk.cp20.com/Tracking/t.c?5dugv-7wrsc-jnemwa8&_v=2>, a leading
provider of Outsourced Managed Services for telecoms, announces today
the launch of its newest managed service offering, Sales-as-a-Service
<http://trk.cp20.com/Tracking/t.c?5dugv-7wrsd-jnemwa9&_v=2>, for
wholesale carriers.   The 100% performance-based service engagement is
designed for wholesale carriers to generate incremental revenues and
profits without incurring upfront costs in sales and marketing. The
opportunities available include unaddressed customer segments, uncovered
territories, additional higher-margin services, and adding interconnects
between new buyers and suppliers.

The compensation for Rimhub is 100% performance-based, meaning that
wholesale carrier clients do not incur any costs until incremental
profit is realized. Rimhub has hired highly experienced sales and
marketing personnel with a proven track record of sales performance in
the global wholesale voice and data business.

“We are excited to debut our newest offering of managed services for
wholesale carriers looking to expand beyond their current business
reach, especially to currently unaddressed customers, suppliers, and
geographical segments,” states Srinath Narayan
<http://trk.cp20.com/Tracking/t.c?5dugv-7wrse-jnemwa0&_v=2>, CEO of
Rimhub. “Common challenges facing these carriers today include not
having the funds to staff account managers or buyers, or feeling the
need to enhance profit margins by wholesaling other non-voice services,
among others. Rimhub’s new Sales-as-a-Service offering leverages a
proprietary sales and marketing process designed to meet these
challenges and allows wholesale carriers the opportunity to organically
grow their revenues and profit margins.”

To learn more about Rimhub’s Sales-as-a-Service offering for carriers,
visit http://www.rimhub.com/carrier

Columbus, Ohio – Heat density is once again becoming
a top-of-mind issue for data center managers, according to a spring
survey of data center users from Emerson Network Power, a business of
Emerson (NYSE:EMR) and a global leader in maximizing availability,
capacity and efficiency of critical infrastructure.

The spring installment of the biannual survey, sponsored by Emerson
Network Power, polled members of the Data Center Users’ Group^® (DCUG),
an association of influential data center, IT and facility managers, and
captured input from more than 100 respondents across North America. The
questions covered a variety of data center topics including data center
monitoring and management, capacity constraints, third-party colocation
providers, energy efficiency and heat and power density.

The survey results show that, for the first time in two years, heat
density is again one of the three biggest concerns for data center
professionals.When asked to identify their top three facility/network
concerns, 42 percent of respondents cited heat density, ranking it
third, behind energy efficiency (49 percent) and adequate monitoring (51
percent). Heat density was cited as the number one concern for the first
four years of the survey, starting in 2005. In the spring 2012 survey,
it dropped to fourth place, and adequate monitoring, availability and
energy efficiency remained in the top three until this spring’s survey.

“Throughout the past few years, much emphasis has been placed on
availability, infrastructure monitoring and efficiency; and rightly so,”
said Bob Miller, vice president, Liebert global solutions, Emerson
Network Power in North America, and a member of the DCUG board of
directors. “As data center professionals continue to struggle with
growing capacity needs and tightened budgets, attention is turning back
to one of the most fundamental aspects of the data center infrastructure
– effectively and efficiently managing heat. If not addressed, heat
density issues threaten to negatively impact performance levels of the
data center.”

The trend toward consolidation and growth is reflected in the plans data
center professionals have for their data centers throughout the next 12
months. When asked the question, 65 percent plan to consolidate or
replace existing servers, 64 percent plan to add additional servers, 27
percent plan to consolidate multiple data centers and 19 percent plan to
build a new data center. While 26 percent expressed plans to move at
least part of their operation to colocation or hosting providers, there
are still some perceived drawbacks to the option. Seventy percent cited
lack of control as the primary drawback of utilizing a colocation or
hosting provider; this was followed by increased cost (53 percent),  a
setup not unique to specific needs (29 percent) and security concerns
(22 percent).

When asked how the professional skill set demanded of data center
managers is changing, 75 percent said it’s increasingly important to
understand how various data center systems work together to support
overall objectives. In addition, 73 percent of respondents indicated
that a greater ability to ‘see the big picture’ is a necessary skill.
“It’s no longer enough for data center managers to know that all the
lights in their facilities are green,” said Miller. “They need to
understand the interconnectivity of systems and how they collectively
support the business’ abilty to grow and change. This is also likely why
we’re seeing data center monitoring and management rank as the top
concern, since these data center infrastructure management systems can
provide a window to those valuable business insights.”

Additional results include the following:

  * Fifty-six percent believe their existing data center capacity will
    suffice for three years or less.
  * Twenty-seven percent reported experiencing hot spots within the past
    12 months, while 15 percent reported experiencing an outage.
  * Thirty percent cited a lack of capital expenditure as the primary
    limiting factor on their organization’s ability to accommodate growth.
  * The average power density per rack was 5.94 kW, up slightly from
    5.92 kW in the fall 2012 survey.
  * The top operational and efficiency-related metrics being measured in
    the data center are temperature (93 percent), power utilization (88
    percent), humidity (79 percent) and cooling utilization (72
    percent). Fifty-six percent of respondents currently measure power
    usage effectiveness (PUE).

Founded in 2003, the DCUG consists of approximately 1,000 members across
North America; the group meets semi-annually to collaboratively discuss
best practices, share experiences and address the most relevant issues
affecting the reliability, availability and cost of operation for
critical installations. The group’s membership comprises executives with
a wide variety of IT and facilities management expertise from numerous
companies and industries, including board member companies Vanguard,
Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions and Delta Air Lines, Inc., among

For more information on the DCUG, visit www.DataCenterug.org
<http://www.DataCenterug.org>. For more information on technologies and
services from Emerson Network Power, visit www.EmersonNetworkPower.com

AUSTIN, Texas -- TechAssure Association,
Inc. announces the release of their enhanced website:

TechAssure members provide specialized insurance and risk management
solutions for the technology industry.

These industries indicate that industry knowledge and access to
specialty tools and products are key drivers of their satisfaction in
insurance brokerage expertise.

"TechAssure differs from the competition, in that it is a one-of-a-kind
association that leverages cross-collaborations to sharpen coverage
offerings, innovate new products and services, combine talents and
advance social causes important to technology firms and their board
members," says Julie Davis, executive director of TechAssure. "Bringing
together groups, with varying perspectives and skill sets can ignite a
group of professionals that can infuse the insurance industry with fresh
ideas and help technology firms manage risk more effectively."

"TechAssure puts years of knowledge and experience to work helping
technology companies address their most critical risk management
issues," says Spence Hoole, chairman, TechAssure.

Through TechAssure's enhanced website, clients have easy access to the
association members and a range of products and services vital to
comprehensive risk management.

Features include:

  * Convenient online applications for a full range of tailored
    insurance products including: Directors' & Officers' Liability,
    Employment Practices Liability, Technology Errors & Omissions,
    Cyberliability, Commercial, Package, Commercial Automobile and
    Workers' Compensation.
  * Simple navigation to access risk management checklists and information
  * View expert film interviews and watch quick film clips on industry
    challenges and opportunities

*_About TechAssure Association, Inc._*

Founded in 2001, TechAssure has 22 worldwide insurance broker members in
seven countries, serving over 4,000 industry clients with annual
industry insurance premiums of $1 billion.

The members of TechAssure help a wide range of technology clients
develop effective risk management and workforce productivity solutions,
so they feel more confident about managing their future. TechAssure
members are affiliated with 48 technology associations throughout the world.

TechAssure Association leads TechAssure University, TechAssure
Innovation Labs and is managing partner for VentureInsure.

*_TechAssure University_*

Through TechAssure University, the association also provides technical
and industry training that allows members the opportunity to elevate
their leadership and insurance brokerage skills, service, innovation and
technical capabilities. The University program offers brokers
certifications, for their members, in three distinct areas.

*_TechAssure Innovation Labs_*

TechAssure Innovation Labs has a mission of leading the innovation of
new insurance and risk management solutions for the technology industry.
Innovation Lab sessions are conducted throughout the year for members of
the TechAssure Association and their strategic partners.


TechAssure Association is the managing partner of the VentureInsure program.

*_TechAssure members include: _*

The Addis Group, AH&T Insurance, AHM Financial Group, Audit & Risk
Solutions, Avatar, Bolton & Co, Costello & Sons, Diversified Insurance
Group, Giles Insurance Brokers LTD, Globalex, GPL Assurance, Gregory &
Appel, IMA Corporation, JJ Wade & Associates, Keaney Insurance Brokers,
Mason & Mason Insurance, Plexus Groupe, Prudent Brokers, RJ Ahmann & Co,
Roach Howard Smith & Barton, Rollins Agency, Sanderson Risk Advisors. In
addition, TechAssure has worldwide innovation partnerships with legal,
venture capital and key players in the insurance industry.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – A new report from Emerson Network
Power, a business of Emerson (NYSE:EMR) and a global leader in
maximizing availability, capacity and efficiency of critical
infrastructure, finds that nearly half of CIOs consider themselves IT
service providers or cost centers, rather than business game changers or
strategic innovators. Simply keeping up with new technologies has become
a major barrier to embracing the rapid development of the information
era. The report, “The CIO of the Future: Becoming a Business
Game-Changer ,”  also emphasized the importance of budgeting for innovation as one way to
embrace a more strategic role in any organization.

The Emerson Network Power report includes responses from 560 CIOs and
top IT executives of companies with 500 or more employees in the United
States, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Highlights from the report include:

·CIOs from Asia (79 percent) and Latin America (78 percent) lead the
pack in expecting significant change in their role in the next 5 years.
Less dramatic change was expected in the United States and Europe, where
about half believe their role will change significantly in the next 5

·Only 10 percent of CIOs see themselves as a driver of their business’
competitive future; with another 15 percent categorizing themselves as a
business peer and 26 percent seeing themselves as influential

·Latin American CIOs are more likely to see themselves as developers of
business strategy or game changers. U.S. CIOs are the least likely to
see themselves in this way.

·CIOs identified 40 issues as being very or extremely important to their
role as IT leader in their organization. As a result they find
themselves spending most of their time focused on providing services
rather than planning for the future.

“As a former CIO I understand both the demands of the job and the
critical role the CIO can play in supporting and shaping business
strategy,” said Steve Hassell, former Emerson CIO and current president
of Emerson Network Power’s Avocent business. “It can be difficult to get
off the hamster wheel of day-to-day operations, but trends such as
social media, mobility and data-driven decision making are only going to
increase the importance of IT in attracting and serving customers.
Emerson is rapidly addressing some of these challenges by introducing
solutions that reduce complexity and improve management of resources.
This is key to making the transition from service provider to business
leader a seamless effort.”

To view the full report, visit the www.EmersonNetworkPower.com/CIOtopics

For more information on Emerson Network Power products and solutions
that support the data center, visit www.EmersonNetworkPower.com

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND -- Catch Software,
a leading provider of test management software and services, today
announced an agreement with Unitec Institute of Technology, an
Auckland-based tertiary provider, to bring Enterprise Tester to their
computing department.

As the only tertiary provider in New Zealand with dedicated software
testing courses, Unitec is leading the way in recognising software
testing as a profession. The agreement, which includes the provision of
Catch Software's test management software and services, has been put in
place to support this growing profession. Unitec has put significant
investment into their computing department and will soon be adding a
third software testing course to their program. They see software
testing as an important area for students to gain experience in, as it
is likely employers will be seeking more graduates with testing skills.

Founder / CEO of Catch Software, Bryce Day, sees this partnership as an
opportunity to support the growth and development of the software
testing industry in New Zealand and the wider Asia-Pacific region. "To
be able to foster the growth of the next generation of testers, and
allow them to leave university with experience using our software, is a
great priviledge," says Mr Day. "Enterprise Tester is being used by
major corporations in New Zealand and globally - our customers include
Air New Zealand, Orion Health, PayPal, Intel, LG Electronics, Bayer
Healthcare, and Stanford University. If Unitec students can leave
university with real-world experience of software testing tools, and a
more than theoretical understanding of software testing methodologies
and situations, they will be able to 'hit the ground running' in the
workforce. That can only be a good thing for the software testing
industry, both here and overseas."

Unitec appreciates the generosity of Catch Software in providing their
software and services and welcomes the opportunity to expose students to
software that is being used by market leaders. "This will be of
considerable benefit to our students when they enter employment, and
will differentiate them in a very competitive market," says Unitec's
Head of Computing, Dr Hossein Sarrafzadeh.

This partnership demonstrates the way that businesses can interact with
the education sector and the value that this can bring to both students
and the corporate world. Catch and Unitec agree that creating the
industry leaders of tomorrow begins with exposing students to today's
leading technologies, which is why this is such an exciting opportunity
for both organizations.

About Unitec

Unitec is the largest Institute of Technology in New Zealand. With
21,000 students enrolled in 160 courses, it is committed to the delivery
of vocational and applied education, and practically orientated
research. Unitec's passionate about the transformative power of
education. Its focus on real world education provides work-ready
graduates with professional and vocational skills that are highly sought
after in New Zealand and around the world.

About Catch Software

Catch Software develops test management software for the global market
and counts Fortune 500 and Global 2000 customers, including Intel, Cox
Communications, eBay, Sky TV, Bayer Healthcare, NCS, LG Electronics,
PayPal, the US Airforce, and the US Navy, among its customers. Their
flagship product, Enterprise Tester, is an award-winning test management
platform offering great features and pricing, responsive support, and
deep integration with Enterprise Architect and JIRA.

WASHINGTON, D.C., -- Rimhub, Inc.
<http://trk.cp20.com/Tracking/t.c?5di8b-7vgom-jnemwa3&_v=2>,a leading
provider of Outsourced Managed Services for telecoms, is pleased to
announce the launch of its new Custom Application Development
<http://trk.cp20.com/Tracking/t.c?5di8b-7vgon-jnemwa4&_v=2> service. The
service is designed for telecommunications services providers (TSPs)
that build, integrate and provide value-added applications to existing
communication products. A key offering of Rimhub’s IP Center of
Excellence (COE)
<http://trk.cp20.com/Tracking/t.c?5di8b-7vgoo-jnemwa5&_v=2> portfolio,
the Custom Apps Development service leverages Rimhub’s strong
telecommunications background, and expertise in the BroadSoft
BroadWorks® platform.

“Rimhub’s Custom Applications Development service offers TSPs an
affordable and comprehensive solution to building and integrating apps
that enhance value, reduce churn and increase their subscribers'
satisfaction,” comments Omar Paul, VP of IP Services for Rimhub. “By
utilizing Rimhub’s IP COE engineers, customers have access to a team of
trained, professional software developers with deep experience in
communication product integrations. A distinguishing benefit we have is
that we don't just build it and walk away, but rather provide
product-level enhancement and support options for the life of the
deployment. That is the difference between Rimhub and a typical
development shop.”

Rimhub has already completed and successfully deployed several such
turnkey applications for industry-leading Hosted PBX providers. Examples
include custom Call Center monitoring dashboards written in rapid
application development technologies such as Node.JS, MongoDB, and
HTML5; apps components designed to connect VoIP platforms with Instant
Messaging; and Presence servers using Java and custom desktop-based
notification applications that integrate incoming and outgoing call
information with 3rd-party SaaS platforms.

Rimhub is a forerunner in IP Support services, specializing in boutique
services that can enhance, maintain and manage leading VoIP and
Telecommunications products. As an example, Rimhub's IP COE is a growing
practice comprised of more than a dozen BroadSoft-certified engineers,
making it the largest dedicated services group outside of BroadSoft
itself.  Rimhub's IP COE assists organizations across a wide spectrum of
services, to address business needs and revenue growth; including but
not limited to platform/subscriber migrations, scaling, apps
development, process execution, re-imagining products, and mobility.

To learn more information about Rimhub’s Custom Application Development, visit http://www.rimhub.com/ip-support.html#app

For additional information how Rimhub helps communications service providers, please visit http://www.rimhub.com

London – Organizations should keep in mind that
gamification is about more than just the underlying technology, says
Ovum. By also considering the strategic, organizational, cultural, and
psychological aspects of reasonably priced and low-risk gamification
applications, businesses can improve productivity.

In new research by Ovum, the global analyst firm shows how enterprises
and the public sector can effectively apply gamification for maximum
advantage, and recommends that organizations should begin exploring
gamification for either customer- or employee-facing uses.

“Gamification can help enhance customer engagement and manage employee
behaviors and productivity levels, but there must be clear understanding
of how such an initiative will directly benefit the business,” says Adam
Holtby, a Software & IT Solutions analyst at Ovum. “However, to better
support business goals, the mapping of the value of desired outcomes
will be developed as part of the planning stage.”

According to Ovum, social technologies and gamification work well
together when points, badges, and leaderboards (PBLs) are tied to a
meaningful value system that records status and accomplishments and
meets users’ desire for feedback. Applied this way, these tools can help
to change behaviours, develop skills, and drive innovation.

However, Holtby believes gamification can also do much more: “While much
of the early coverage on gamification has focused on guiding behavior
and building engagement, increasingly organizations can use the data
generated by gamified systems to gain insights into the skills and
reputations of both their employees and customers.”

In its report, Ovum indicates a good example of gamification in the SAP
Community Network (SCN). This network has been designed to encourage
members to participate in forums to help other members by sharing
knowledge and focusing more on the quality, rather than the quantity, of
contributions. Members automatically earn points for posting content,
but can be awarded additional points at different levels for the quality
of their contributions.