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Thursday, 11 July 2013 15:19


The Solutions Company Provides Expert Consulting, Vital Document Recovery, Structural Decontamination Services


COCOA BEACH, Fla.Tom McGuire, who brings more than 25 years of experience in restoration management and high-profile disaster recovery projects, has founded The Solutions Company, LLC, which specializes in professional project management of vital document recovery, structural decontamination and expert project consulting services.

Launched last October, The Solutions Company has established offices in Cocoa Beach, Fla., and Nashville, Tenn., and is currently handling a number of assignments, including work in Oklahoma after the recent level F-5 tornadoes.

The Solutions Company specializes in recovering vital documents such as files, books, paper, x-rays, film and multimedia after fire, water, mold and natural disaster damage has occurred. An experienced project management staff provides services from beginning to end that include removal of wet documents, generating professional inventory documentation and returning clean, usable documents to the workplace.

The firm also provides expert consulting and project management of building drying and stabilization projects including structural decontamination and sanitization after water/mold damage has occurred, providing professional consulting and project management services before and after the event.

“Our new organization represents the culmination of years of experience in the industry,” said McGuire, who serves as president and managing director of The Solutions Company. “We are dedicated to providing fast recovery solutions to complex problems caused by fires, floods and natural disasters for business owners, facility managers, insurance executives and restoration companies.

“We specialize in project management services, so we team with those that may have a need for a professional solution to their recovery problem. We are a valuable resource for the restoration industry and companies that want to provide the optimum quality in vital document recovery services to their clients.”

“We operate under the belief that for every problem there is an achievable solution,” McGuire added. “We are dedicated to providing professional service, exceptional results and expedient response when disaster strikes. Our business is keeping others in business when the unthinkable happens. We love what we do, and it shows on every project that we do.”

One of the company’s other offerings – unique to the industry – is its ability to design and install customized vacuum freeze dry chambers for restoration companies. The firm’s expert vacuum chamber design team can create a vacuum freeze drying system to meet specific needs and budgets.

“Our goal is to provide services that haven’t been offered to the industry before and deliver those services quickly and professionally,” said McGuire.

“We are the only company that provides both vital document recovery services and customized vacuum freeze drying systems for restoration companies,” McGuire added. “We can provide a vacuum freeze dry system design within a couple days from the request, and then have the complete system installed typically within three to six months.”


Vast Industry Experience

The Solutions Company team has decades of experience dealing with complex disaster-related projects. Team members have served on the management staff for major weather events including Hurricanes Sandy, Andrew, Katrina, Ike, Floyd, Charlie, Ivan; the Northridge earthquakes in Los Angeles; and tornado outbreaks in Nebraska, Alabama, Oklahoma and Texas. The firm’s international experience includes recovery projects in Singapore, Costa Rica and Kuwait.

“Our consultants and project managers have handled some of the largest and most complex recovery and restoration projects ever undertaken,” added McGuire.

McGuire himself has overseen projects in five different countries and managed some of the largest vital document recovery projects including New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and served on the restoration project management team after the World Trade Center bombing in 1993.

Before he founded The Solutions Company, McGuire served as executive director – large loss and catastrophe for PuroClean, a leader in property emergency services. At PuroClean, he was responsible for the ground up development of the large loss division.

Prior to that position, McGuire was catastrophe operations manager and document recovery manager for the Moisture Control Services division of Munters Corporation, a leader in humidity control technologies and disaster recovery services.

McGuire also is a published author, having written articles on document recovery and disaster restoration and preparedness for several industry trade journals.

For more information about The Solutions Company, visit www.thesolutionscompany.us.com or call 855-321-3108. For more information on custom vacuum chambers from The Solutions Company, visit www.vacuumfreezedrying.com

About The Solutions Company, LLC

Headquartered in Cocoa Beach, Fla., The Solutions Company LLC provides structural restoration and vital document recovery services for businesses of all sizes. The firm’s mission is to provide fast recovery solutions to complex problems caused by fires, floods and natural disasters. The firm also provides custom-designed vacuum freeze dry chambers for restoration firms. For more information, visit www.thesolutionscompany.us.com or call 855-321-3108.