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May 2, 2013

Epic From Real-Time Technology Group Delivers An Unprecedented Credentialing Solution For First Responders

FLEMINGTON, N.J. — Real-Time Technology Group (RTTG), a leading provider of trusted identity solutions, announces advanced personal identity and training verification for First Responders. RTTG's Emergency Personnel Information Center (EPIC) is a trusted community that provides operational tools for more efficient training record management, and more effective access control at natural disasters and other critical incident scenes. EPIC delivers a secure, easy-to-use Web-based program that allows law enforcement, fire/rescue, emergency medical teams, and associated support contractors to improve identity and certification tracking within their organizations, and allow real-time verification of critical data for improved incident management. Using any Internet-enabled device, officers can efficiently and effectively limit entry to incident scenes to the essential, trusted personnel who maintain the professional certifications required for safe access.

EPIC enables local departments to:

  • Easily maintain member training records and professional certifications
  • Automatically alert members and training officers of expiring certifications
  • Conveniently print, issue, and manage department ID cards

EPIC enables scene commanders to:

  • Optimally deploy responders based on verifiable skills
  • Authenticate mutual-aid responders and their qualifications prior to granting access to hazardous or secure environments
  • Better control and audit access to incident scenes

EPIC provides emergency response personnel with a cooperative solution that meets their specific certification tracking and identity verification challenges. EPIC provides an operational tool to help coordinate the efforts of Emergency Response Organizations (Police, Fire-Rescue and EMS), Local and County Dispatch, Emergency Management Officials, Incident Scene Commanders (such as Fire Chiefs, EMS Captains and OEM Coordinators) and all the private organizations that support response (such as Utilities and Contractors). Automated system notices, and point-and-click administrative functions deliver an immediate return on investment for each participating department.

Members of the trusted EPIC Responders community are working together to enhance response effectiveness, mitigate risk, and improve the overall safety and security of critical incident scenes. Partnerships forged with EPIC are markedly improving situational awareness and response and delivering proven results.

For more information, please visit http://www.realtimetg.com.


Real-Time Technology Group (RTTG) delivers secure, fully-hosted and managed technology solutions for mission-critical information challenges: personal identity verification, professional certification and credential management, and other custom-developed security solutions. 

Since 1999, RTTG has been helping public agencies and private enterprises implement advanced technologies that improve the performance of safety and security programs. It is most recognized for developing and operating personal identity and credential management technologies that drive real-time personnel assurance at some of the country’s largest construction projects and highest-value terrorist targets, including the World Trade Center and NY-metro area transportation infrastructure.   

Proven effectiveness, reliability, and 100% U.S.-based operations have earned RTTG its reputation as a dependable, trusted IT partner.