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December 10, 2013

Maxta Simplifies IT and Improves Performance for VSS Monitoring

Maxta provides dramatically better economics over external storage arrays

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Maxta announced that VSS Monitoring, a Danaher company (Fortune 200 company) anda  world leader in network packet brokers (NPB), has implemented its highly resilient, scalable distributed VM Storage platform (MxSP™). MxSP improves the performance, automation and ease of use of VSS Monitoring’s virtualized infrastructure to satisfy current needs and expected future growth of its engineering IT infrastructure.

VSS Monitoring’s engineering group runs a diverse set of applications in a VMware vSphere environment, including testing and development of its solutions. The virtualized environment is planned to grow significantly over time and several virtual machines are expected to require very high storage performance. To extend the life of its engineering IT infrastructure beyond the initial 3-year expectancy, VSS Monitoring looked for a way to improve storage performance without spending an unreasonable amount of money. After evaluating several shared storage array options, the company chose MxSP, which provides all the features and functions it needs for 20% of the acquisition cost of the other options.

“The test and development VMs would require a high amount of IOPS and unfortunately with a shared architecture it would cause a performance hit to all of our virtual machines in the cluster,” said Mike Leland, VSS Monitoring Data Center Engineer. “The performance of our system with Maxta’s software platform is orders of magnitude faster. We’re looking at about twice as many IOPS depending on the workload. It’s a large improvement over what we had before as far as storage performance. The unlimited number of time/performance/capacity efficient snapshots and zero-copy clones simplifies the setup and management of testing and development environments.”

Leland was also impressed noted with Maxta’s ease of use and installation. Elimination of storage provisioning in addition to the VM-centric approach of MxSP as well as the full integration into VMware vSphere client simplified IT management. Maxta provided VSS Monitoring a better solution along with a very attractive CAPEX and OPEX.  Additional enterprise features, such as high availability, VM-level snapshots and cloning, made Maxta an especially compelling option.

“The Maxta Storage Platform meets the storage needs of even the most-demanding test-and-development environments by reducing complexity and cost while improving productivity and time to market,” said Yoram Novick, CEO and Founder of Maxta.  “By providing VSS Monitoring with the ability to meet its objectives while staying within budget, we were able to help them improve performance and simplify IT.”

The Maxta Storage Platform is a hypervisor-agnostic implementation of enterprise storage for the virtual data center. It  fully integrates with server virtualization at all levels from user interface to data management, while supporting all possible deployments of virtual data centers, including private, public and hybrid clouds. Through its software-only solution, Maxta turns standard servers into a converged compute and storage solution. This results in greater simplicity and economics over external storage arrays.

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