Continuity Logic’s Frontline Live 5™ is the first leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Business Continuity (BCMP) software category that has effectively converged continuity, risk and compliance in a one easy to use cloud-based solution.

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Spring Journal

Volume 28, Issue 2

Full Contents Now Available!

Active-Active Continuous Cloud

Active-Active Continuous Cloud

Now you can deploy the continuous infrastructure you need with the simplicity you desire with the new global-active device feature of SVOS. For applications that need continuous operations, this feature enables active-active data centers with zero downtime, zero RTOs and no data loss.

Business Resiliency Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

Business Resiliency Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

We can't predict the future but with comprehensive business continuity planning and knowledge we can equip you to be ready and prepared. DRJ Fall World 2015 is focused on giving you the best possible business continuity education and connections that matter.

Contents Are Now Live!

Contents Are Now Live!

The #1 Business Continuity Publication in the World!
Every issue, Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ) delivers how-to, in depth knowledge into business continuity planning more than any other business publication. This unique ability to take readers further inside the issues has made DRJ the #1 read business continuity publication in the world, one with a circulation and audience.

Full Conference Agenda PDF Is Available!

Full Conference Agenda PDF Is Available!

The full lineup of Sessions and Courses has been released! DRJ hosts the premier business continuity conferences in the industry. Our goal is to provide you with the education, networking, and knowledge you need to succeed.

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Different But The Same: A Look At Two Disasters

Vicki-article-5-18-webWritten By: Vicki Thomas

Sometimes it’s challenging to keep up with everything that is going on…Sure this could sound like an excuse, but the reality is that business continuity is everywhere. The news, entertainment, day-to-day routines, the commute to work, the meal out, the school day - business continuity is present. It’s everywhere but nowhere.

The potentials for success and failure. The opportunity to communicate, plan and respond.

These can slip through the fingers of organizations so very quickly that they almost appear to be invisible and to have never happened.

To underscore this reality, this week’s column takes a snapshot look at two major disasters - one that is mostly forgotten and one that is still simmering on the consciousness (though failing to make front-page news).

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