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January 21, 2014

Preparis to Hold 2014 Threat Report Webinar

Experts Provide Insight on Top Threats to Businesses Ranging from Cybersecurity to Pandemics

ATLANTA – Preparis Inc., the leading technology provider of business continuity and life safety programs, will host a complimentary 2014 Threat Report webinar Thursday, Feb. 6 from 2 - 3:30 p.m. EST to provide insights for businesses on potential threats.

Preparis has teamed up with a panel of all-star experts representing a variety of threat-based expertise areas to discuss the growing risks to any organization’s people, revenue and brand.

The webinar panelists include Jonathan Fairtlough, Managing Director of Kroll Cyber Security; Steve Veillon, a bomb squad sergeant with the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force; Jonathan Trapp, Emergency Manager for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Mike Smith, Chief Innovation Officer for AccuWeather; and Jonna Mayberry, Managing Editor of Continuity Insights magazine.

“It’s just weeks into the new year, and businesses have already faced high-profile cyber attacks, widespread arctic weather and growing risks to their organizations ,” said Armistead Whitney, CEO of Preparis. “The panelists for this webinar offer expertise in all of the top threat fields. Session attendees will get valuable insight about top business risk areas and ways to better protect their businesses’ continuity of operations from threats both known and unfamiliar.”

Attendees will hear about top threat trends including cyber attacks, natural disasters, workplace violence and pandemic s that can interrupt business’ continuity of operations and will learn about best practices on how to prepare for such events. After the webinar, there will be a question-and-answer session, enabling attendees to interact with the speakers about the predictions and procedures to follow in the event of an unexpected crisis.

To register for Preparis’ upcoming 2014 Threat Report webinar, please click here (www2.preparis.com/2014-Threat-Report). Those interested in attending are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible, as space is limited. Upon registration, attendees will receive information on how to enter and participate in the webinar.

About Preparis

Preparis is an all-in-one business continuity solution helping businesses protect their people, operations and brand while meeting regulatory requirements. The company’s unique combination of technology and services makes creating and maintaining business continuity programs easy. Founded in 2007, Preparis is protecting organizations in more than 200 cities worldwide. For more information about Preparis, please visit www.preparis.com.