The Continuity Logic customized demo provides an opportunity for qualifying organizations to evaluate Frontline Live 5™, with their plans, desired controls, policies, and procedures. This first-of-its-kind system for both business continuity and many other areas of Governance, Operational Risk and Compliance (GRC) is powerful, but often best viewed with some of your familiar plans, data and templates.


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Avalution is a U.S. based consulting firm specializing in business continuity strategy design, development, implementation and long-term program maintenance.

Avalution is also recognized as a participant BSI Americas Associate Consultant Program (ACP). BSI Americas administers the ACP program in order to provide a list of consulting organizations who are "credible and offer an acceptable service in terms of value and performance.” As a certified firm, Avalution assists in preparing organizations for BS 25999 certification as well as assessing readiness for the certification process.

As of January 2009, members of Avalution's team were also certified as BS 25999 Lead Auditors, which allows individuals to "conduct and lead effective business continuity management system audits in accordance with the requirements of BS 25999-2:2007 and ISO 19011:2002..."

What Makes Us Different?

Our team believes that you deserve a business continuity program tailored specifically to fit the unique needs of your organization – meaning that your organization is the starting point for everything we do. As a result, our analysis, recommendations, plans and exercises are never justified by generic “best practices” alone – instead, we combine our experience and knowledge with a deep understanding of your organization to create a continuity program that best manages your risk.



Value-Driven Business Continuity Consulting Services

Avalution believes in providing services that are custom designed to fit the unique needs of your organization – not making your needs fit a standardized template. Our approach, refined over years of focused experience, has resulted in balanced, cost-effective strategies designed to manage the risk associated with a business interruption. Our experience directly enables our team to meet your most aggressive requirements while our solutions align with executive management demands, contributing to – not getting in the way of – revenue growth, market share expansion and business process maturation.

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Industry Experience Matters

Not only does Avalution have deep experience in all aspects of business continuity management, but our firm has served the unique needs of organizations in nearly all levels of government, as well as across every industry group. These experiences give us a “head start”, avoiding the situation where costly mistakes are made when focusing on the wrong aspects of the business. We recognize every organization is unique – but we also understand what makes each industry segment tick. This knowledge positions our consulting teams to deliver recommendations supported by what “others are doing”. Leveraging our knowledge and experiences saves our clients time and money – and results in credible solutions.

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Customizable Business Continuity Software

Business continuity software purchases often disappoint. Package A is a 60% fit when compared to existing business continuity processes – but if we go this route, we have to change processes that have proven to be effective since the software lacks flexibility. Package B could work, but it’s too complex. And then there’s Package C – we simply can’t afford the initial cost, let alone the time and resources necessary to customize it.

Avalution’s team (with significant input from our diverse client base) developed a flexible, cost-effective platform that conforms to your most effective business continuity processes. This capability allows your team of professionals to customize virtually all aspects of the functionality, reporting and layout. We call this solution The Planning Portal. Its integrated training saves travel time and expense, and its familiar format decreases confusion and increases confidence, leading to higher usage levels. Above all else – it works well for everyone.

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Key Focus - Certification Readiness - BS 25999

The business continuity industry is rapidly maturing. Regulatory requirements require action in many industries, customers are demanding business continuity protection from key suppliers, and a focus on corporate governance is leading to additional inquiries from the most senior business executives. Recent crises have also demonstrated the need for all entities - public and private - to prepare and work together in order to increase the likelihood of an effective response.

In this environment, organizational certification has emerged as a method of demonstrating commitment and readiness to key stakeholders. BS 25999, launched in November 2007 (www.bsiamericas.com), is one such example, as is existing ISO standards governing issues such as information security (ISO 27001). In the United States, Title IX is emerging as another example of voluntary certification.

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Avalution's Guarantee

Avalution is unique in the consulting industry because we back up our commitment to each client with a Guarantee. We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our clients and becoming a long-term resource and partner. Our commitment to every client is so strong that we now offer a complete satisfaction guarantee to ensure each client receives the expected value from our services.

The Guarantee
Our work is guaranteed to the complete satisfaction of the client. If the client is not completely satisfied with our services, we will, at the client's option, either waive professional fees or accept a portion of those that reflects the client's level of satisfaction.

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