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eBRP Solutions



About eBRP Solutions

eBRP Solutions is a product company. We design, develop and provide web-based tools to help organizations do a better job of managing their BCM and Enterprise Risk Management requirements. Incorporating standard reports for Audit and Compliance, and with automatic Review Dates with email Reminders; the Toolkit Suite was designed to reduce the administrative, logistical and management overhead of a typical BCM program – freeing Planners to refocus their resources on identifying and mitigating gaps and vulnerabilities.


Does your Business Continuity Management utility provide you with:


Process and Organizational Modeling tools - to identify risks and exposures and their potential impacts, to visualize dependencies and to create actionable plans to meet any potential disruption?

Technology Modeling tools - to identify end-to-end dependencies among IT systems and Business Processes?

Supply-Chain Risk Analysis tools - to identify single points of failure, supplier over-reliance, bottlenecks, weak points and potential risks (both vertically and horizontally) across supply chains?

Command, Control & Communication tools - for real-time, online Incident Management decision support, collaboration and monitoring?

If you answered No to any of those questions, you are not alone.

That’s why the Thought Leaders at eBRP developed the Toolkit Suite: to provide its diverse clients all of those tools in a single, web-based package. Much, much more than a typical BCM planning tool, the Toolkit Suite provides support for Enterprise Risk Management - helping organizations understand their operational risks, evaluate their exposures and weigh actions to manage & monitor those exposures.

Today’s BCM professionals need to move their focus from residual risks to operational risk. With shrinking budgets, BCM professionals need to seek out the potential value in Business Continuity Management - analyzing, monitoring and mitigating operational risks, and playing a vital role in managing day-to-day operational disruptions. If your BCM program is ever going to move from the status of a simple ‘insurance policy’ to a role providing true operational value, you must change your focus and acquire new skills & tools.

In today’s globalized business environment, change is nearly constant and new risks continue to arise. For most Business Continuity professionals change and risk sometimes seem to come from every direction at once:

  • Record winter storms and flooding in Europe and US cities

  • The threat of avian flu pandemic shifted to H1N1

  • Business bankruptcies in the US up 63% in 2009

  • Earthquakes in Haiti and Chile

  • Vulnerabilities due to dependencies on global markets and suppliers

Coping with the speed and frequency of unanticipated changes and risks requires a change in focus. Plans for ‘disaster’ (smoke and rubble impacts) fall far short of meeting the need to address potential operational risks and operational failures. Toolkit provides BCM professionals the tools to meet the needs of today’s evolving business world.

eBRP Solutions is the Thought Leader in Business Continuity Management.

While others follow the conventional wisdom, eBRP has continuously forged a new path – seeking input from DR, BC and Risk Managers to develop tools to help organizations advance their needs.

eBRP was the first to:

  • Introduce Process Modeling as a BCM concept that goes far beyond the capabilities of a traditional BIA.

  • Promote the value of Dependency Mapping as a knowledge tool for both BC/DR Planning and Enterprise Risk Management.

  • License its BCM software for Unlimited Users - giving BCM programs the freedom to expand at their own pace, at no additional cost.

  • Pioneer Technology Modeling as a means of mapping IT Applications and systems from their dependent components (hardware, software, networks, etc.) to the Business Processes that depend on them.

  • Focus on Asset-based Risk Management (rather than simply writing plans) as the key to robust BCM program capabilities.

  • Incorporate Supply Chain Modeling & Risk Analysis as part of the larger BCM program in support of Enterprise Risk Management.

The Toolkit Suite of fully integrated modules includes:

  • CommandCentre (Real-time Incident Management)

  • eRAPS (Risk Assessment for Products and Services)

  • Integrated Notification using email & Voice

  • Interactive GIS for “what if?” geospatial analyses

  • BlackBerry Integration to access plans from anywhere

  • Work Area Recovery Planning for graphical views of alternate workspace utilization

  • Plan Approval Workflow for signoff and version controls

If you:

...realize that maintaining BC/DR plans isn’t enough

...understand that updating your BIA every year doesn’t’ provide sufficient value

Then it is time to:

...move your BCM program from plan-centric to risk-centric

...stop concentrating solely on plans and start focusing on business intelligence

...support your Enterprise Risk Management efforts

To energize your BCM program – and see how you can use the power of Toolkit Suite to become more valuable within your organization - visit us at www.eBRP.net, or contact us at info@eBRP.net

It’s finally time to take your BCM program to the next level – with Toolkit Suite.