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From the 'Darkside' of storage

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Apr 29

Data Reduction, Not Just Data Deduplication!

Posted by: Jarrett F Potts in DRJ Blogs

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Jarrett F Potts

It is not all about data deduplication! Many data protection products and providers talk about data deduplication as if it will save the world. In fact, data deduplication is only a small part of the solution. What we need to be talking about is across the board data reduction.

Data reduction technologies are the first line of defense against rapidly expanding data volumes and costs. STORServer provides built-in data reduction technologies, such as progressive-incremental backup, data deduplication and data compression, enabling organizations to reduce backup storage capacity by as much as 95 percent.  STORServer also provides advanced tape management and efficient tape utilization capabilities, which can further reduce data storage capacity requirements.

While competing solutions create massive amounts of duplicate data through repetitive full backups, necessitating expensive data deduplication solutions, Tivoli Storage Manager provides progressive-incremental backup technology that avoids the duplicate data in the first place by creating only an initial full backup and then capturing only new and changed data. Built-in data compression and data deduplication operate at multiple storage layers to minimize the amount of data being retained for operational and disaster recovery.

Reducing backup storage requirements dramatically not only helps reduce capital expenses, but it can also decrease network bandwidth requirements and shrink backup windows. This results in reducing the operational impact of backups and helping to ensure high levels of application uptime.

Stop the madness and look for more than data deduplication. Look for the entire package of data reduction technologies. Look to us!



By Jarrett Potts, Director of Marketing for STORServer.

Follow me on Twitter @DarthTivoli. Learn more about STORServer at http://www.storserver.com.