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Journal (1244)
Hurricane Georges: A Special Report 1
John E. Nevola & Michele Conry November 17, 2007
Hurricane Georges: A Special Report 2
Douglas S. Clauson November 17, 2007
Hurricane Georges: A Special Report 3
Diane Laux November 17, 2007
Fear Management
Mark J. Morgan, MSA & Paul M. Camper, Ph.D. November 17, 2007
So, You are Contemplating Changing Recovery Software
Melanie J. Fels, CBCP November 17, 2007
What’s in a Date? A Ground Zero Scenario
John Newton, Ph.D, P.Eng, & Rex Pattison, FBCI November 18, 2007
Facing Y2k plus One
Peter Slintak November 18, 2007
The Human Effect of the Year 2000 Crisis
Michael W. Braham November 18, 2007
Information Component Management
Eran Kahana, Esq. November 18, 2007
Exercise: Who Needs It?
David Greb, CBCP & Rosemary Davis, CBCP November 18, 2007