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Every issue, Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ) delivers how-to, in depth knowledge into business continuity planning more than any other business publication. This unique ability to take readers further inside the issues has made DRJ the #1 read business continuity publication in the world, one with a circulation and audience that consistently dominates the business continuity magazine field. Add to this strength that we have consistently higher ad recall than our competitors in every major advertising category and the DRJ advantage becomes clear.

Journal (1244)
PPBI Best Practices Awards 2006
Dr. Tom Phelan March 24, 2014
Planning for Elderly in Natural Disasters
Robin Knowles & Betsy Garrison, Ph.D. March 24, 2014
Living On the Edge
Robb Moore, CEO ioSafe, Inc. March 24, 2014
Inventing the Future
Paul R. Thomas Jr., MBCP, CEM March 24, 2014
Infrastructure Maintenance
Mike Hagan, VP Lee Technologies March 21, 2014
Ice, Gas & Money
Becky Cohen, CBCP March 21, 2014
Examining the Crisis Management Team
ED DEVLIN, CBCP March 21, 2014
Current State of Pandemic Disaster Preparedness
Robert C. Chandler, Ph.D., J. D. Wallace, Ph.D., & W. Timothy Coombs, Ph. D. March 21, 2014
ChicagoFIRST is a Model for Other Cities
Brian S. Tishuk March 21, 2014