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Volume 29, Issue 2

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Centralizing Server Backups: An Update

Written by  Kevin Koski Saturday, 17 November 2007 22:28

The scenarios described are based on real events. Company names are withheld to protect security and confidentiality interests. Put yourself for a moment in the CIO's chair at one of the nation's largest insurance firms. From corporate headquarters in the Midwest, you manage information systems for a Top 10 insurance company with $60 billion dollars in assets, operating through 4,200 agencies across the country. Your IS department proposes a new backup system: cancel your off-site data vaulting service and centralize server backups. In other words, it wants to funnel backups through your mainframe to an automated tape silo in the corporate data center. IS has what appears to be a sound business case for centralizing: automation, cost savings, and improved execution. Foremost, says IS, the servers would be centrally administered and backups performed at one location, which would keep costs down. The silo itself would run as a "lights out" operation, so no need


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