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The Importance of Testing

Written by  Judith Eckles Monday, 19 November 2007 22:47

How many professional sports teams do you see taking the field without any preparation? The most talented teams do not assume, "Hey, we've got the skills, practicing would be a waste of time." Different parts of a team need to practice working together, to improve performance, determine what works, and plan for the unexpected. Despite the fact that it can be time consuming and expensive (athletes aren't cheap), teams need to be prepared and well rehearsed before they are ready to play. In the event of a systems failure, your business continuity plan requires flawless teamwork, and just like an athletic team, your business continuity team needs to practice. In the data systems business, we do not call it practice, we call it testing. You might have a top notch Business Continuity plan in place, with the top-notch personnel, but the whole reason you put this plan in place originally was


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