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Fall Journal

Volume 27, Issue 4

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Fall 2000 - Volume 13, Issue 4
HIPAA: The Race to Become Compliant
Ed Deveau November 20, 2007
Real Time Doppler Radar: A Community Approach
Gerald L. Rockower November 20, 2007
The Recovery Team Planning Approach
Geoffrey H. Wold, CPA, CMA, CMC, CDP, CSP, CISA, CFSA, CIRM & Tina L. Vick, CBCP, CFSA November 20, 2007
The Tarrent County Tornadoes of March 28, 2000
Gifford F. ýSkipý Ely and revised by Gary R. Woodall November 20, 2007
How Far is Really Far Enough Away?
Jim Larue, MBCP November 20, 2007