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Volume 29, Issue 2

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Business Continuity Planning, A Necessity in New E-Commerce Era

Written by  Belinda Wilson, CBCP Tuesday, 20 November 2007 23:57

Unannounced business disasters happen any time, anywhere and do not need to be the magnitude of a hurricane to cause serious problems. In fact, most disasters are caused by spontaneous mishaps in or around the work environment. Disasters can be something as simple as a lost file that was not saved or as large as a complete network failure. Consider some of these unassuming, yet potentially damaging situations: An employee is cleaning out the cabinets of a workstation and throws out installation backup disks. the only copy of the strategic business plan scheduled for presentation in the morning to venture capitalists is accidentally deleted. The building's fire sprinkler system shorts out -- water fills the inside of the CPU. A new employee in the Computer Operations department inadvertently erases critical files on servers containing web-based transactions, customer information, and the Call Center system files that control the automated telephone systems. A software developer discovers that


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