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Crisis Management and Social Media

Written by  ED DEVLIN, CBCP Wednesday, 30 September 2009 16:03

In a number of recent issues of the Disaster Recovery Journal, I have commented on the need for companies to strengthen the “crisis management” element of their business continuity plans. (Crisis management is the role of executives in responding during a crisis or disaster.) The diagram below depicts my opinion of what a crisis management plan should consist of: namely the executive management plan, the crisis management team plan and the crisis communications plan. In a recent Wall Street Journal article titled “For Companies, a Tweet in Time Can Avert PR Mess,” the crisis communications plan has been taken to a new level. “A growing number of businesses are tracking social-media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to gauge consumer sentiment and avert potential public-relations problems.” Ford Motor Co., PepsiCo Inc. and Southwest Airlines Co., among others, are deploying software and assigning employees to monitor Internet postings and blogs. They’re also assigning


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