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Prevent a Document Catastrophe with Proactive Disaster Recovery Planning

Written by  DAVID SMITH & SCOTT LAMAN Friday, 22 October 2010 17:08

In an instant, an earthquake, fire, flood, or hurricane can erase years of business operations. In the wake of recent natural disasters, most companies have thought about how they would manage if caught in their own catastrophic predicament; some have even taken steps to prepare. But one disaster recovery priority often overlooked is how quickly critical digital content would need to be restored in the face of a crisis. Digital and hard copy intellectual property like e-mail, Web pages, account files, and HR documentation are the lifeblood of today’s enterprises. It is expensive and unrealistic to believe that an organization needs all of its documents and data restored minutes after a disaster. But businesses should take inventory of the information that is critical to run the business, prioritize what data needs to be restored as soon as possible, and what can wait for backups to be pulled. Since most businesses don’t have


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