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Answering Questions About BCI

Written by  ED DEVLIN, CBCP Tuesday, 11 October 2011 19:10

While attending the Disaster Recovery Journal’s 45th conference in San Diego recently, I was approached by a number of attendees with questions about the Business Continuity Institute. As you may know, the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) is offering educational courses and certification testing at the Disaster Recovery Journal’s conference from now on. I was asked why DRII was no longer involved with the DRJ conference. I told those who asked that I didn’t know exactly, but I guessed it was because DRII wanted to run its own conference. Then I was asked what I knew about BCI. Was its certification program as good as the DRII certification program? Should they be certified by the Business Continuity Institute or DRII? Should they switch their DRII certification to the BCI? Some asked, should they be certified by both organizations? I answered honestly by explaining that I have not been intimately involved in either organization since 2000.