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Volume 29, Issue 2

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Common Pitfalls in DR Contract Services

Written by  Jeffrey L. Nicolet, CDP, CSP, CBCP Wednesday, 21 November 2007 00:12

Over the years I’ve worked on both sides of the disaster recovery engagement, as an employer hiring vendor services and as a DR consultant serving many different industries. During this time I’ve been gratified and frustrated at how some engagements were handled. I came up with a short list of pitfalls that can negatively affect your engagement. These points were discussed and improved with the help of the Contingency Planners of Ohio user group. \Suggestion number one on both sides: sustained participation in local user groups! Common Pitfall: “Not what I expected” One common problem on both sides of the engagement is when reality doesn’t quite match up with initial impressions. Sometimes the true “current status” of a company’s contingency strategy is not as effective, as comprehensive, or as up-to-date as that company’s management thought. And sometimes the solution developed by the vendor / consultants fall short of the client’s expectations.


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