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All Hands On Deck

Written by  Judi Besharah, CBCP & John Glenn, CRP Wednesday, 21 November 2007 23:30

Most planners are beginning to accept and to promote “enterprise” planning rather than either specifically “business” or “support” (read IT) function-only plans. What is often not stressed is the need for what we term “all hands” planning. All hands includes everyone in the organization – from the janitor to chief executives. The reasons for promoting all hands planning are several, including: Interdependencies – no function stands alone. Risk awareness – no one person can be aware of all of the risks all of the time. Personal (Personnel) Safety – delegation of responsibility to all levels of the organization. Promoting all hands planning does not mean unit-level plans are useless or to be avoided. Unit-level (e.g. business functions, IT) plans are a critical component of the all hands planning approach, just as business continuation and disaster recovery or integral components of every business continuity plan.


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