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Volume 27, Issue 4

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Security vs. Need-to-Know

Written by  T. M. Smalley, BRP & John Glenn, CRP November 22, 2007

Recently there has been some discussion about business continuity plan security. As with most things, there are at least two opposing views, and each can make a valid case – one for an open document and one for a classified document. And, as with most things, there is a middle ground that may satisfy almost everyone. There are two mutually exclusive givens: There is a need for security; business continuity plans contain information that is valuable to a competitor, terrorist, or vandal. There is a need to share knowledge to enhance the post-disaster event activities. This article tries to bridge the gap between “security” and “need-to-know.” The information may be applied, with modifications, to any business, any non-profit, and any government agency.


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