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Lack of Sound Security a Problem for Businesses

Written by  Jay B. Crawford, CPP Thursday, 22 November 2007 01:16

Sometimes I believe businesses forget the basics. We, as continuity planners, have an obligation to remind decision-makers the advantage of being proactive in our business management. Widespread unemployment, cuts in police and fire department budgets and rising fear of crime, especially terrorism, have intensified the American homeowner’s and business owner’s interest in protection. Look at the following statistics from the 2001 United States Uniform Crime Report: Violent crimes 1,436,611 Property crimes 10,412,395 Murders/manslaughter 15,980 Forcible rapes 90,491 Robberies 422,921 Aggravated assaults 907,219 Burglaries 2,109,767 Larceny thefts 7,076,171 Motor vehicle thefts 1,226,457