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What do I do, really?

Written by  JOHN GLENN, MBCI, SRP Thursday, 08 April 2010 12:23

For years I thought I was a business continuity planner. I knew from the beginning I was more than a disaster recovery planner, despite my certifications. In fact, looking back on some vintage (circa 1998) promotional material I did for my then employer, I can honestly write that I was waving flags for enterprise, holistic, all-inclusive plans. Aside from refining my thoughts a bit and having more items on my checklist of things to consider, little changed until a couple of months ago. Definitions I was chatting with a fellow planner, and I was mentioning that planners must consider all the risks to an organization. Operative word is “all.” Then the planner has to prioritize the identified risks. After that, the planner must find ways to avoid or mitigate the risks. Finally, the planner needs to develop methods to respond to the risks if, despite the planner’s best efforts, the risks stubbornly insist of occurring. Keep those four sentences in mind


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