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Volume 29, Issue 4

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Honey I Blew Up the Data Center

Written by  Patrick Kelley Thursday, 15 November 2007 20:42

It is human nature to assume that better times are just around the corner. We fool ourselves by thinking disasters will never happen to us. As a disaster manager, it's heartening to me when any organization takes the steps necessary to anticipate and plan for disaster. However, planning by itself is not the solution - exercising continuity plans is essential to ensure plan readiness and integrity, and to train participants. What is the best way to test a plan? There is no-one right answer, but taking a thoughtful, consistent approach to plan testing goes a long way to obtaining results. By using a continuous quality improvement approach, exercising contingency plans can ensure operational readiness and well-trained participants. I have found that running a 'Full Scale' exercise immediately after the plan is completed is a great way to ferret out plan deficiencies! Sometimes it takes drastic action to get management's attention. Also,