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Fall Journal

Volume 27, Issue 4

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Summer 1999 - Volume 12, Issue 3
Y2K Crisis Communications: Are You Prepared?
John Newton, Bart Mindszenthy, Rex Pattison November 18, 2007
Preventing Psychological Trauma: The Next Generation of Recovery Planning
Michael Maly, LPCC and Carole A. Putt, Ph.D. November 18, 2007
Emergency Management / Disaster Recovery Systems: Evolving Technology
James E. Bowen and Richard K. Doull November 18, 2007
Strategic Continuity Planning Part 2
Marc Reich November 18, 2007
Lead-acid Batteries in the Hazard Assessment and Planning Process
Donald E. Koehler and Wendi K. Givigliano November 18, 2007
Emergency Management: To Be or Not to Be
Dan S. Lunsford, CEM November 18, 2007
Competitive Diligence
Michael Braham, CDRP November 18, 2007
Emergency Operations at the Port of New Orleans: 2000.01.01
LTJG John Shkor and Brett Regan Young, CBCP, CISSP November 18, 2007
Y2K Myth, Contingency Planners, and Reality
Norm Koehler, CRP November 19, 2007
Economy, Businesses Hit Hard by May Twisters
Janette Ballman November 19, 2007