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Volume 29, Issue 2

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So You Want to be a Contingency Planner

Written by  William R. Alvord, CBCP Wednesday, 21 November 2007 00:21

“How well the recovery plan is written will determine the effectiveness of the recovery of critical processes that will get your company or organization back on its feet and producing again.” In your other life you may have been a computer programmer, a telecommunications expert, a computer operator, or a scheduling clerk. One fateful day, you were asked, or directed, to head up the contingency planning department for your organization. I can tell you from experience that this is the most rewarding and challenging position I have had in my 25 years in the IT field. One of the most important tasks you will face in becoming a successful planner is being able to get senior management to “buy into” the concept of developing a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). Some senior managers, however, may hesitate to support an aggressive recovery plan due to costs in developing and maintaining such a plan. The successful


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