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Enhance Tape Backup Systems To Keep Pace

Written by  David J. Demlow Wednesday, 21 November 2007 23:38

These are realities for data backup: For business generations, tape backup was sufficient; Tape backup capabilities have not kept pace as 24x7 demand for data access has soared and the overhead burden of backing up higher-capacity servers has multiplied; Continuous-replication technologies that enhance tape backup now offer efficient solutions to this dilemma. Enhancing the backup process by continuously replicating critical data to centralized servers means tape backup systems can back-up the disk-based replicas, rather than obliging administrators to go through the effort of backing up from production servers, a system-clogging, bandwidth-hogging process. Meantime, tape backup retains its priority function as an archival medium, retaining its investment value. IT professionals found their corporate voice during the Y2K run-up, earning a seat at the strategy table in enterprises around the globe. From that elevated perspective, they now should help those business-unit peers snap out of an apparently widespread post-Y2K complacency about this looming backup quandary. Corporate executives