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The BCP Role: Employers May Want You To Wear A Few Different Hats

Written by  Todd Young, CBCP Thursday, 22 November 2007 02:59

Whether it is due to Sept. 11, the Northeast blackout of 2003, SARS, regulatory/audit requirements or a lesson learned from a disruptive incident, many organizations are now actively seeking business continuity expertise in order to safeguard their critical business functions and IT infrastructure. A visit to any of the major job boards or recruiter sites is likely to yield various opportunities for qualified BCP professionals. However, more and more, one is also likely to encounter postings that seek to integrate the traditional BCP role with other streams of expertise, or (as is often the case in small to medium organizations) treat BCP as a part-time duty. While this may be an attempt by organizations to do “more with less” (something most of us understand all to well), it may also represent some level of misunderstanding toward the role of the BCP practitioner and the valuable service it provides. Most business people would


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