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Volume 29, Issue 2

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A Team Approach To Emergency Management

Written by  Tom Arminio & Troy Truax, AICP Monday, 19 November 2007 20:57

Whether your perspective is from the national strategic level or the municipal level, the view of homeland security and emergency management has changed for the foreseeable future. The primary responsibilities of any elected or appointed public servant – or leader of a private corporation, for that matter – are to protect property and, above all, preserve the health, safety, and welfare of his or her respective constituents. Meeting those challenges and the increased demands of emergency preparedness and security planning is a daunting task for even the most seasoned professional. In an environment that is complex, uncertain, ambiguous, and often volatile, leaders have five primary roles to play in ensuring the security of their communities and organizations: plan, prepare, practice, communicate, and seek funding/resources. This article focuses primarily on planning and preparing your organization for the next disaster – manmade or natural – that will inevitably affect your community or organization.


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